Computer as an art tool

I’m not a computer artist and I’ll never be one. I’m a traditionalist but I’m realizing that the computer can be a lifesaving art tool.

I have learned and I’m still learning that it has become invaluable to the concept of casart coverings, in using my original artwork to be able to reproduce it in many different colors and custom combinations for digital printing. I am learning so much about Photoshop that my brain hurts. I’m getting a mental workout each day dealing with the challenges of color correction and the importance of keeping the integrity of the original, which fortunately, I am pleased that I am able to do. It’s all pretty fascinating stuff and a whole other “language” I’ve been learning of photoshop gurus and print speak.

There’s so much to be said for using the computer as an art tool that I’ll have to revisit. But in the meantime here are some interesting blogs worth noting for their mentions of the computer as an art tool.

1) Beverly Bronson describes her enhanced bird using Photoshop on her Marlotus Muses blog.

2) Robert Gebbie discussed Old to New School on his RGebbie Photo blog.

3) Really cool things can be done with photos as seen on these digital art examples on ArtSweet blog.

4) Escher like digital art from an etching on the Art From Pushing Buttons post of the fractalbeanstalk blog.

5) Alex Dragulescu creates “spam plants” from ASCII values in the text of spam emails. I first learned of his work from this blog link:

Who knew spam could be so beautiful:

One of Alex Dragulescu\'s Spam plants

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