Butterflies Everywhere

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I like butterflies. Well, I’m finding butterflies everywhere these days. How appropriately so because of the upcoming transformative celebration of Easter this Sunday.

We host our annual brunch for about 50 folks, so this post will consequently be short. 😉

This is my recent butterfly find from Elle Decor, as they tend to be circling back in style. (Personally, I never thought they flitted out of style.)

Butterflies everywhere in style via Elle Decor on Art Is Everywhere

Butterflies in style via Elle Decor

You can find recent and previous butterfly references here.

Also, here are a few updates and worthy mentions:


  1. The Fearless Girl Statue will stay in place for at least a year — until February 2018. Let’s hope everyone gets so used to it that it becomes permanent.

2. If you haven’t read the book Hillbilly Elegy – A Memoir of Family & Culture in Crisis by J. D. Vance, it is a worthwhile read with real enjoyment. It’s both eye-opening and exceptionally told (orated by the author) from the insider’s perspective that helps explain a large portion of America’s people and their upbringing while being one of the few to “make it” and find the American Dream. (Even Oprah read this book, or is at least shown in a photo with the book on her table.)

Although the memoir was specific to Vance, it was embraced as a personification of the everyday struggles of America’s white underclass, and it shone a light on issues including race and privilege in America.Deadline Hollywood.

This just learned — the book will become a movie.

Click this link to listen to a sample. It personally moved me with my father’s Kentucky roots and even some real life characters being similar in name. For instance, J. D.’s name and his sister’s are similar names to my brother, John D (named after my father) and my sister Lindsey. Even his first home town in Jackson, KY, is all too uncanny to me. Although he currently lives in San Francisco, is a venture capitalist, works with Steve Case, he has DC Gibson Dunn law connections. There were unexpected guffaw moments of hilarious laughter and equal shocks of sadness but if everyone read this, there could be signs of hope, which is a good thing for this time of year — and a perfect thing on which to end this post.

Happy Easter!



Summer Schedule

Hello readers, with the summer schedule and needing to put forth extra energy and effort to my main CasartCoverings.com website and migrating the Slipcovers for your walls blog to an updated version, the posts on this blog will move to a temporary and limited, twice-a-month schedule.

Thank you for your continued interest as art oriented observations will still be posted, just not as frequently, like this little video-ditty about the singer Miquel’s creative process, on NPR’s Noteworthy series.

NPR_creative process film_AIE

I’ve listened to but not all that familiar with Miguel’s music and only like some of it, particularly the rhythm and blues, funk and more psychedelic-soul / lounge oriented pieces, but his thought process regarding creating music and how the artist is affected is surprisingly very thoughtful. I enjoyed learning more about him and his music as he discusses the inspiration for his latest music and video. He states the importance of being in the moment to absorb those bits of creative sparks that are so quickly fleeting. He recalls his time on the beach in letting those moments flow. I’ll be thinking of this as vacation to the beach is quickly coming and I don’t want to bring too much work this time. Click the image below to view.

Personally, I like his custom wallpaper 😉

Miguel wallpaper_AIE

Go ahead and subscribe (sidebar link) to this blog so you won’t miss out and won’t have to remember to check back. This way the posts will come to your inbox.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and finding art is everywhere.

Animal Inspiration and Patience

My original intent was to post my Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog post here this week but then I received these incredible pictures of animal sculptures made with cut paper. I’ll do a little of both. Plus, you’ll see an appropriate mention at the bottom in light of Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Firstly, here’s a snippet of the Animal Inspiration post:

 I recently learned of a new video about one of my favorite artists, Jane Kim, of Ink Dwell Studios. The video not only depicts her creative process but explains how she paints with Nature always in mind, through animal inspiration.

Jane’s artistic talent is tremendous as is some of her projects.

We’ve posted about Jane and Ink Dwell previously regarding the project (and here on AIE), in which she used Casart wallcoverings as templates to paint the continents for her exceptional and huge mural at Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab.


Many birds painted by Jane Kim / Ink Dwell

Jane has also completed an ocean collage mural at Baltimore’s National Aquarium, which I’m dying to go see, using a combination of paint and cut paper techniques, and that perfectly leading into part two of this post.

Jane-Kim_livingseashore_inkdwell_18-960x423_AIEClick here to read more of the full story...

Another amazingly talented artist using Nature and animals as their inspiration is Calvin Nichols. He creates incredibly intricate paper sculptures. He’s such a keen observer of his subjects. It’s almost as if he’s created a 3D format for scientific illustration. I love how the pieces break their framed boundaries, which is very indicative of trompe l’oeil artwork, but this is not because you know it is not real, however, the intricacy and detail is just as jaw- dropping in wonderment.

(Most of the wording below is taken from the email that I received — so I cannot take credit for it.)

1_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEHe has worked 25 years to perfect his method. First he draws his subject, then he cuts paper shapes to create the foundation or form upon which more intricate cut paper is adhereed on top. It must take pain-staking patience. (Something I lose more and more as I get older.)

This particular series is appropriately titled, “Paper Zoo.”Fish_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEBut he doesn’t just draw on it. He shapes it to create intricate works of staggering detail and beauty. 2_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_bear-process_AIE 3_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_bear_AIETo make the art, he starts by observing real-life animals and their movements. He takes numerous sketches that he will later use as reference for his paper art. He then cuts up thousands of tiny pieces of paper and pastes them together to form each animal. 4_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_hummingbird process_AIE 5_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_hummingbird_AIE 6_Owl_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEThe texture he is able to achieve with this technique is astounding. Given that he’s only working with white paper, the details must be exactly right in order to create the appropriate depth and shadowing. Each small piece can take many weeks to complete. Owl Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEIt’s incredibly delicate work. Each small piece can take many weeks to complete. Flying Birds_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEWhile the bigger ones can take months, or even years. Flying Doves_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIE Dog_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIE

The texture he’s been able to achieve gives the illusion that it must be soft. Make you want to touch it to find out.

Fox_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEHis work has been featured in National Geographic, as well as numerous galleries and art shows all over the world.

The porcupine is probably my favorite with all those wispy paper pieces.Porcupine_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEHe uses X-ACTO knives, scalpels, and scissors in the construction of his critters. Beavers_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIE Bobcat_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIE Mama Monkey_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEThis intricacy of this money and his face captures our emotion when viewing.Monkey Surprise_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIE Orangutan_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIE Bamboo Bear_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEThe commitment these amazing pieces of art require is just mind-blowing. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you messed up a little detail on those pieces? Talent like this just doesn’t come around that often.

I’m not sure how he was able to achieve the realism of these zebras with different colored paper but his work is for sale and he does demonstrations, so worth looking into.Zebras_Paper Sculpture Calvin Nichols_AIEIf you’d like to learn more, for there is not much info about this artist on his website except that he is from Canada, go to his Facebook page to see his most recent news.

In keeping with our animal inspiration theme and with Mother’s Day this weekend, here’s a beautiful mural that could use some motherly care in the Mothers Building, which was originally designed to be a resting place for nursing mothers at the San Francisco Zoo. The building, with its Greco-Roman style and WPA project murals, was built in 1925 but has been closed to the public since 2002. The murals visually depict the story of Noah’s Ark in the largest existing, egg tempera work in the Western US. They could soon be lost and are in need of repair. Click here to read more of the story.

Full Mothers Building Mural_475x316_AIE

images via San Francisco Chronicle

Mothers Building Mural_475x316_AIE Lamas in Mothers Building Mural_475x316_AIE

Sit Down. Stand Up.

For timing sake this blog post is regenerated from my other site but still applies for design.
This is not your usual blog post for Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog, but “Sit Down. Stand Up,” keeps ringing in my ears. I’m doing this a lot lately trying to get our new website ready. Radiohead’s song keeps playing in my head with its slow staccato beat building up with a frenetic crescendo to a sudden and unexpected drop. I was making steady pace and with a frenzy to be live by today but hit a sudden unexpected setback when I uploaded our 6,000 ! product variations with an importer and discovered, while on vacation mind you, that my 2,000 images had multiplied to 19,000!! It took 3 days, 10 hours each day, to remove these and to be able to start with a clean slate. I’m back on track but unexpectedly behind my original goal. Goals, I’ve decided are meant to be changed.

All this sitting has got me I’m thinking about getting a better office chair. Where to start? I started following Sayeh’s Office Stylist Office board on Pinterest. Maybe I’ll get some good ideas here. I need a drafting chair that is comfortable and one that raises and lowers height because I have both an office desk and a drafting table. The chair needs to accommodate both. I keep coming back to this one, seen in Houzz Interiors by Maite Granda but comfort is key. I believe this one if from Skolas, which I thought I saw listed or maybe that was the name of the person who first commented on it, but now I cannot find the source of course.

I want something white with chrome so this Airgo one from Pottery Barn fits the bill and will go nicely with my lavender Venetian Plaster and magnetized walls. I know, it’s a crazy artist thing but this color with white works for me. The one drawback (besides price) is it has to be cleanable so leather would be preferred.

Pottery Barn Airgo Swivel Desk Chair

I even like the one we used in our Peacock Damask photo shoot. I have to go back to Homebody, where we took the photos, to ask about it.

Casart coverings_French Peacock Damask, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casarrblog

Casart coverings’ French Peacock Damask

Back to sitting down and standing up and starting and stopping due to setbacks…We’re nearly there and can’t wait to get it up and going, so stay tuned while work progresses behind the scenes.

Maybe I’ll just get an office treadmill desk instead.


— Ashley

Rethinking Your Impression of Wall Murals

I found this blog post that I really like and then I realized that it was all based on the opposite premise of blown up “wall murals.” The post suggested that “most wall murals and decals are pretty cheesy.” Actually, as an artist, decorative painter, muralist and general consumer, I agree; primarily because they are all mostly mass-produced enlarged photo murals, large scale graphics or solid circles stickers, etc. . Most of us don’t want to see these on our walls, especially long term. The DIY Wall Murals post from PW Style displays some pretty cool wall murals as examples, like these.

Wishflower mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

I love wish flowers and this next one reminds me of Rousseau. These both require considerable effort to create — all hand-painted.

Tropical mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

The author may not have realized that there is wallpaper out there that is removable and reusable, can be temporary or long lasting and mimics the hand-painted look, because they are originally hand-painted or illustrated.

flower mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

This large scale flower mural reminds me of our Flower Power Casart wallcovering, which happens to be on sale right now on One Kings Lane!

Casart Flower Power wallcovering, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Casart coverings can give an impression of a mural or art for your walls = Casa + art, which is Casart. If you want a more geometric look, we also have stripes now on the One Kings Lane sale as part of Domino magazine’s Enliven Your Walls event. If you head over to my other Slipcovers for Your Walls blog you can see the demonstration we did at High Point, using stripes in unconventional ways.

I like the illustrated style of this birch mural featured on PW Style.

Birch mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

It reminds me of our Birds & Birch design that comes in 16 different color combinations.

 I moved this post from it’s regular mid-week Wednesday slot to post on Mural Mondays so could also receive this in time of our One Kings Lane sale before it ends on Thursday @ 11am. Don’t blink….

Another post is forthcoming this Wednesday.

Rebirth with the Butterfly

It’s time to celebrate.  Easter is the time for rebirth.  Spring is here and butterflies are in the air.
I love this Hermes ad. What a beautiful butterfly!

Hermes-Butterfly as seen on Art Is Everywhere

I’ve saved this Traditional Home article from November 2010 as reference because I’m so taken with Carin Gerard‘s artwork of Nature.

Carin Gerard Traditional Home November 2010 issue, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Carin Gerard Traditional Home November 2010 issue, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

These are just some of the many gorgeous examples of  her beautiful artwork and butterflies. Be sure to visit her website to see much more.

Carin Gerard butterlfies, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Carin Gerard butterlfies, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Carin Gerard butterfies, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Carin Gerard butterfies, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Her extraordinary realism and detailed trompe l’oeil style remind me of Mark Leithauser’s artwork, who’s work I really admire.

If you’d like to see more butterfly art, flit on over to Casart coverings, where butterflies are featured this week.

Happy Easter Season!

Making a SmART leap this year

Leap year only comes every four years. Why not spend it wisely? I’ve recently discovered Laura Trevey’s SmART book for artist entrepreneurs. It’s chock full of helpful advice as well as her colorful artwork. Laura is a talented artist, watercolorist and business woman herself and practices what she preaches.

Laura Trevey SmART for business, as seen on Art is Everywhere

Here are few tidbit takeaways:

• Find a way to differentiate yourself among others offering a similar product or service.

• Create a business plan and right it all down. [We are revising ours  right now so I now how much time and work this takes.]

• Create a logo that represents your brand and shows continuity by color and style on everything that represents your business.

An artist is not paid for their labor but for their vision – quote from James Whistler

• Organize your office/ studio space so that it is most efficient for your time management so the more work you can get done, the more time you’ll have to play. [She shows you tips and visuals on how to achieve this for your office.]

• Start a blog so you can engage with your followers and show your work while increasing your business. [More specifics and technological tips in her book.]

If you think your work is 80% finished, then you’re done. [I had a hard time with this one because  my work tends to be detailed and I always see improvements but I’ve gotten better at realizing that sometimes a piece can look overdone so better to stop when you’re ahead.]

Don’t worry about giving away your secrets, your readers will respect you for sharing your talents.

On this note, you’ll have to check out Laura’s book with a checklist of exhibitor items, details on online strategies and her wonderful blog, Bright Bold and Beautiful, to get more helpful insights. This is where you can see how successful she has been with social media.

Below is just a small sampling of her bold, bright and beautiful artwork. She likes butterflies too!!

2_Trevey_butterfly_as seen on Art Is Everywhere

3_Trevey_watercolor_as seen on Art Is Everywhere

And chickens.

Trevey_Rooster_as seen on Art Is Everywhere

5_Trevey_House rendering_as seen on Art Is Eveywhere

4_Trevey_Crab_as seen on Art Is Everywhere

6_Trevey_Flowers_as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Laura, by the way, was very kind to write a post on Casart coverings a while back. If your want to see more posts with bold color,  leap on over to Slipcovers for your Walls, where you can read about Pantone’s color explosion prediction for upcoming fashion.

BTW, leap year is extra special for me, since it my every fourth year wedding celebration that gets celebrated twice in one year.

Happy Leap Year!!

Mardi Gras Mask Mambo

Happy Fat Tuesday — a day early of my normal post!! Today is Mardi Gras Day so I just have to acknowledge an celebrate accordingly with this video about the Mask Market in New Orleans. Enjoy the music too.

Although I’m not so much into the glitter, I have some Venetian masks so I can appreciate the appeal of unique, hand-made masks and masking for Mardi Gras as a tradition.

However, this next tradition is one of which I was completely unaware. I guess my parents must have sheltered me while growing up in New Orleans. Actually, I do remember parade-goers shimmying up poles to catch beads but maybe this was before “greasing the poles” was started. Who knew a whole artistic performance could be created — only in New Orleans!

Greasing the poles in New Orleans via Go Nola, as seen on Art Is EverywhereAnd this is Rita Benson-LeBlanc, owner of the New Orleans Saints, doing her rendition.

If you are interested in a new New Orleans inspired French Damask design, slip on over to Slipcovers for your Walls to preview the unveiling.

Here are few previous posts regarding Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras Costumes get a Copyright

After da Fat

Mardi Gras Masks & Typography

Tropical Getaway

I just recently returned from a trip to Panama. We’ve been trying to get there for years and it was well worth it. While there, I thought about how nice it would be to live in the tropics. I received this post from Archello, a great site for everything architectural (see sidebar) and low and behold the topic was tropical residences. How timely. I particularly like Casa de La Flora, a new design hotel in Thailand. It is designed like a private residence.

casa de la flora via archello, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

3 casa-de-la-flora via archello, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

4 casa de la flora-1054- via archello, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Panorama casa de la flora via archello, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

5 casa de la flora via archello, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

2 casa-de-la-flora- via archello, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

This infinity pool reminded me of the one we saw at the Trump Tower in Panama. It has some of the most unusual architecture in the city.

Trump Ocean Club as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Trump Ocean View Tower

What a gorgeous place for cocktails and a wonderful view of the city at sunset. It’s his most prize hotel in Latin America. This view from about 16 floors up. It’s pretty cool (literally) to have drinks while dangling your feet in a pool.

289-Trump Tower infinityPool-sunset_Art Is Everywhere

Infinity pool and lounge chairs at poolside Trump Tower Rooftop

Infinity Pool at the Trump Ocean View Tower in Panama, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

288-trumb-tower- panama middlelounge_Art Is Everywhere

Middle Lounge area located across from the Middle Bar and separates left & right sides of rooftop

289-trump tower middlebar_Art Is Everywhere

Middle Bar located between two sides of the rooftop pool

Rooftop Pool at Trump Ocean View Tower in Panama, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Right side of the pool deck with cabanas

On the way down we saw many artistic things, like the clever concept of portraits made of pennies and a mezzanine area that had a sculpture slatted chair that I thought could have been by David Trubridge.

291-pennyPortraits_Art Is Everywhere

Penny Portraits at the Trump Tower in Panama City

292-penny-close_Art Is Everywhere

285-trump-tower-mezzanine_Art Is Everywhere

Mezzanine has a variety of art and sculpture

There were two larges scale Botero sculptures – one at the entrance of the hotel and one in the lobby. Never mind he’s a Columbian artist and the Panamanians don’t really like the Columbians.

284-Botero sculpture Lobby_Art Is Everywhere

Botero sculpture in the lobby of the Trump Towner in Panama City

These are condo units as well and downstairs there are wings on either side of the lobby with shops, mini-bars and restaurants. It was the first time I had seen a wine-on-tap bar. What  great idea. You can pour a taste, shot or glass from a spigot. What a great design concept.

Wine on tap bar at Trump Tower in Panama City, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

This was just one day of our trip and not including the jungle adventure that came before. If you’d like to see more, head on over to Slipcovers for Your Walls, casartblog for Casart coverings, where I posted more pictures and an interesting video of worker ants that we stumbled upon while hiking in the jungle.

More to follow…..

Brick by Brick by Brick

Who said, “Things come to those who are patient,”  and I’ll add persistent? Just like these 3-d brick murals, brick by brick by brick and the amount of patience involved in the production and details for it all to add up to create a large mural, some positive press mentions are coming our way. I’ll get to that in a moment but for now, here are some three-dimensional brick murals and a few followups to note, where time and patience is evident and pays off.

1) 3-D Brick Muralist, Mara Smith and some of her public murals.

Meade Bank Mural by Mara Smith, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Meade Bank Oak Tree Mural by Mara Smith, in Brandenburg, KY

River City Bank Brick Mural_Mara Smith, as seen on Art is Everywhere

River City Bank Derby Theme Brick Mural by Mara Smith

Detail of River City Bank Mural_Mara Smith, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Detail of River City Bank Mural by Mara Smith

Mara Smith works on brick mural, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Mara Smith works on brick mural

Artist Mara Smith working on preparatory designs for brick mural, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Artist Mara Smith working on preparatory designs for brick mural

2) Detroit has Brixels. ArtCorpsDetroit is a public art foundation via Wayne State University that addresses abandoned spaces and how they can be refurbished using art in public education programs. In this case, existing bricks were painted using paint donated by Sherwin Williams and the geometric design was painted by volunteers.

brixels by ArtCorpsDetroit at Hostel Detroit, as seen on Art Is Everyhwere

brixels = combination of bricks and pixels mural by ArtCorpsDetroit

3) Shepard Fairey may need to move over because Alexandre Farto, the Portuguese street artist (Vhills) about whom I had previously blogged has been tapped by Cincinnati to produce some public art murals as well as by Levi’s to be a part of their ad campaign “Go Forth”, in Berlin to carve portraits of four Berliners who exhibit the pioneering spirit. Maybe it was this video that caught their attention. This shows a little bit of his creative production in using mini explosions to create his murals….Just remember to stand back.

Lucky for us we have Chris Stegner’s account and visual pictorial reference of Vihlls revealed and in action creating his Cincinnati portrait. Usually he takes pictures of signs on buildings after they are created but he had just happened to run into Vihlls creating his. How fortunate.

Getting back to some good news mentioned at the onset. Check out this post over at Slipcovers for your Walls and just like Farto’s portrait creations, just when you’re unsure of all the hard work,  all is revealed once there.

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