Where is the Best Arts District?

There are 20 city entries in the running to find the best arts district. One could be your favorite. You have until March 1st if you’d like to vote via USA Today’s website.

Arts District via USAToday on Art Is EverywhereOf course I’m voting for New Orleans’ Warehouse District and the Contemporary Arts Center. It’s where we were recently, along the strip with the Ogden and WWII Museums, while visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Arts District via USAToday2 on Art Is EverywhereThere are many arts worth exploring in New Orleans, which is rich with music and culinary arts as well. This link takes you to previous posts about New Orleans’ murals.

Click on the side link or here for previous posts with a New Orleans theme.

Coincidentally, at one point, Alexandria, VA was on as similar list for one of the most art friendly cities. I’m lucky to have lived in both.


Wintry Mix

This is a wintry mix post that is pretty —

(not filled with all the snow & slush of recent snow storms).

Every year China puts on an elaborate and spectacular ice-sculpture festival at the Ice and Snow World in the Harbin Hellongjiang province. Here’s a recent preview and from what I’ve posted previously.

China_ice sculptures_AIEView many more pics here.

Ice Sculpture via CNN_AIEAnother out of the ordinary wintry scene is Greg Dunn’s photo that looks like winter trees with their icy roots exposed. However, it’s his painting of “Cortical Columns” using neuroscience to create such imagery.

Greg Dunn Cortical Columns painting on Art Is EverywhereMy father would be pleased to see neuroscience and art combined in such a beautiful depiction.

Art Patrons in the News

I was glad to read about these two stories regarding well-known celebrities bringing art to communities.

Actress Viola Davis has given $1500 to Segue Institute for Learning for their campaign to paint Martin Luther King Murals for 2015. The charter-based school for at-risk, 6th – 8th grade students, is located in Central Falls, RI, where Ms. Davis is a native. She has helped to support the school since its inception in 2006.

Viola Davis via GoLocalProv on Art is EverywhereAlso in the news, Bill Gates is commissioning over 30 artists to create artwork that promotes getting vaccines. The campaign is called “The Art That Saves a Life.

Art That Saves a Life on Art is EverywhereThe Birth of Vaccines Photo by Alexa Sinclair on Art Is Everywhere Clicking on the link above will show you all the artists involved, including the Russian illustrator Evgeny Parfenov, whose portrait of Tom Yorke, of the famed Radiohead band,    that I find interesting.

Tom Yorke Portrait by Evgeny Parfenov on Art Is Everywhere




When Cartoonists Come Together

Like so many around the world, I was shocked and saddened to see the brutal shootings at the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the executions of their editor, cartoonists and support staff unfold, leaving 12 dead and others critically wounded.

This French satirical magazine had it right. Their cartoons clearly define the radical Muslim faction. In fact, the cartoonists ominously called-out their fanatical behavior. These murderers brought these cartoons in which they were depicted to life. Their mistake is that the whole world now sees them for who they truly were. Even though the two brothers who carried out this attack have been killed, there are so many others with the same philosophy that they leave to carry on their hate crimes in their wake. However, I believe that this event and several other senseless massacres will ultimately spiral their downfall.

Here are the cartoons that caused the terrorists to inflict their rage. Their translations are explained via Slate.

Chalie Hebdo Cartoon on Art Is EverywhereWhat I’ve been most impressed with is the rallying cry, particularly among other cartoonists, illustrators and artists. Art became their weapon — as expressive response. They didn’t lay down their pens. Instead, they’ve fearlessly have come together to bring clarity to this madness and to prove that the power of the pen and freedom will endure. Just look at the number of tweets that these have been shared (prior to this posting). With social media and blogs, these messages will be a virus that will hopefully kill any support for these terrorists.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 1 on Art Is Everywhere

Charlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 5 on Art Is Everywhere

Charlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 3 on Art Is EverywhereCharlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 4 on Art Is EverywhereThe French most certainly can relate to this image of their beloved Liberté.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 6 on Art Is EverywhereJust as we can relate to this image of the Twin Towers recalling our 9-11 attack.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 5 on Art Is EverywhereCartoonists are a rare breed because they have to find the essence in their message to depict it with such simplicity and meaning. Knowing this and how hard it is to render a cartoon, especially when so fraught with emotion, this one below by Lucille Clerc is one of my favorites: taking something that is broken, sharpening it to a point — to bring it life again. This is art! The terrorists on the other hand, are not this clever or brilliant.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon reaction 7 on Art Is EverywhereSources:  Buzzfeed – 23 Heartbreaking Cartoons from Artists in Response, Daily Mail UK and ABC World News Tonight








Happy New Year with New Beginnings

As previously mentioned, my son was married this past August.

I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures and what better timing than to celebrate a new year with brand new beginnings.

The wedding was beautiful and so many of details can be attributed to the time and attention taken by my daughter-in-law’s family. The many helpers and sources also contributed with their artistic talents, ranging from events, to food to photography.

All these beautiful photo credits go to Carrie Holbo, who is an exceptional photographer, with quite the artistic eye for composing and getting the right shot at the right moment — a hard thing to do at a wedding with many moving parts.

Before the festivities began, out of town guests received welcome boxes. We helped with the locally popped popcorn, maps and chocolates and assembly.

Guest welcome boxes, designed by bride's family

Guest welcome boxes, designed by bride’s family



We used Fleurir chocolates in the Guest Welcome Boxes. They were recently featured in Energy of the City magazine by Washington Gas. They are probably the best chocolates, I’ve every had. They really are “hand grown,” miniature masterpieces.

Fleurir chocolates via Energy of the City UntitledThe Rehearsal Dinner was at the Lincoln restaurant in DC. We rode a bus there and on took a night tour of the city on the return trip, getting out at the WWII Memorial.


Mason jar chandelier

Mason jar chandelier

Rehearsal dinner celebrants

Rehearsal dinner celebrants

Libby and Piers, bride and groom

Libby and Piers, bride and groom

World War II Memoria - Night Tour on Art Is Everywhere

World War II Memorial – Night Tour

The ceremony was beautiful. The stand-out decorations were the handmade, giant ruche / tissue-paper flowers by the bride’s family. These provided the height for a glorious backdrop that rustled in the breeze.

Ceremony venue atop the Lorien Hotel

Ceremony venue atop the Lorien Hotel

The Reverend Locher and Peter Sr officiated the service.

The Reverend Elizabeth Locher and Peter Sr officiated the service.

Jackson cited the readings

Jackson read the readings

The Reverend Cannon Spencer performed the blessing

The Reverend Cannon Spencer performed the blessing

The married couple

The married couple

The many details made all the difference:

Individual Butoniers

Individual Butoniers

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Floral bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

And bouquets with bridesmaids

And bouquets with bridesmaids

Handmade dog bisquits

Handmade dog biscuits

Couples were asked to bring their own wedding photos to display

Couples were asked to bring their own wedding photos to display

Thank you gifts of Virginia peanuts and beer.

Thank you gifts of Virginia peanuts and beer.

The reception had many personal touches. The food was delicious and everyone was able to relax and enjoy. We brought the pictorial display from the Rehearsal Dinner with everyone’s photos of their most memorable moments of Piers or Libby individually or as a couple.

Welcome board with memory photos on Art is Everywhere

Welcome board with memory photos

A bounty of beautiful cakes from which to choose.

A bounty of beautiful, individual wedding cakes from which to choose.

mother + son dance

mother + son dance

The bride gets down

The bride gets to enjoy her party

Piers & Libby enjoy a toast

Piers & Libby enjoy a toast

The standard family and bride and groom pictures were take but somehow these seemed less rigid and more relaxed. They help to memorialize this important event, which brings everyone involved to a new stage in their life.

Bride's family

Bride’s family

Groom's family

Groom’s family

Brotherly love

Brotherly love

Libby & Piers

Libby & Piers

00-E+PCarrie'sFavorites-0154 00-E+PCarrie'sFavorites-0088

Setting out on their life together

Setting out on their life together

Merry Monarch Christmas


Here’s our charitable organization to which we contribute each year, The Blue Monarch in Tennessee. They do incredible work of breaking the cycle of family or drug abuse in providing rehabilitation and  giving the children of affected mothers a chance at a new beginning.

As you can see from this postcard — Art Is Everywhere and the children are flourishing.

Blue Monarch 1 on Art Is Everywhere

Blue Monarch children create a mural

Blue Monarch 2 on Art Is Everywhere

Plus, they put the mothers to work making the most scrumptious granola, which becomes our Christmas presents to family each year.

They exemplify the true spirit of Christmas all year round.

Blue Monarch 3 on Art Is EverywhereWe also like that they connect us to our Sewanee roots.

Gala at Gallier

We had a great time in New Orleans for Thanksgiving but we’re sorry we missed this spectacular gala-festival at Gallier Hall.

Gallier Hall Lights on AIEHere’s a more complete story leading up to the event and be sure to watch the video below with La Maison’s production this past September in Bucharest.

Read here all about La Maison Production.

Hope this helps to light up your holiday spirit.

Developers Add Dramatic Design to DC

There are big changes coming to the l’Enfant Plaza and around the DC area with new 3 murals by international street artists, James Reka, (Australia)  Rafael Gerlach (German) known as SatOne and Nawer (Poland), as well as others. There are 19 murals planned via the JBG Companies, sponsor of the JBG Mural Project.

SaOne mural_JBG on Art Is Everywhere

Reka mural_JBG on Art Is Everywhere

Nawer mural_JBG on Art Is Everywhere

JBG has been a long-time proponent of adding artistic renovations to l’Enfant Plaza and in the DC metropolitan area as seen in the above photos via Hill Now, where you can read more about the description of the N Street NoMa murals. This public art project is curated in collaboration with the Art Whino gallery. Photos below via Complex.

LEnfant Plaza_Reka Mural 1_via Complex on Art Is Everywhere

LEnfant Plaza_Reka Mural 2_via Complex on Art Is Everywhere

JBG is also known for their beautiful, upscale and modern interiors inside their various developments.

HDG_JBG 1 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG_JBG 2 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG_JBG 3 on Art Is Everywhere

This is made possible by one of the top, award-winning, interior and architectural designers, Phyllis Hartman of the HDG — Hartman Design Group.

HDG Paradigm 1 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG Paradigm 3 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG Paradigm 2 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG contributes their talent to many real estate and commercial developers, like Paradigm as well.

Veterans Day Reflection 2

As we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal, I’m still reflecting on Veterans Day and how thankful we are for all their courage and sacrifice, fighting to continuously preserve and protect our freedom and enabling us to celebrate family holidays such as this uniquely American one.

Peter and I visited the relatively new Disabled Veterans Memorial on Veterans Day. It’s official name is the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, which accurately describes what the memorial is about but it’s a bit of a mouthful to say.

We found it stately, streamlined and moving.

Disabled Verterans Memorial_ on Art Is Everywhere

Disabled Veterans Memorial a tribute to visit on Veterans Day

Out of the image view above is the star at the end of the infinity pool with an endless flame coming out of the water. Unfortunately, it was surprisingly extinguished on this visit.

VIsiting the Disabled Verterans Memorial on Art Is Everywhere

Silhouettes are also embedded in the semi-transparent glass

Along with silhouettes embedded in the semi-transparent glass panels, are very touching quotes by military vets, like Bob Dole and others, who describe the ongoing battle to live with disabilities long after wars are fought.

This reality of war’s scars describe both physical as well as mental trauma, as every day struggles among our Vets.

It was a beautiful day to visit just at dusk and before the Concert of Valor, which we viewed later on TV in the comfort of our home.

We’ll be having Thanksgiving this year in New Orleans with our extended family, including Piers and his wife, Libby, who we welcome as a new addition to our family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Look Closely

I was late to post for Halloween but I couldn’t let this image, although belated, go by without calling attention to it.

Next time you’re talking to someone during Halloween, look closely, their costume may be right in their eyes.

Brilliant!! I have to remember this for next year!

Makeup for Halloween via Tumblr on Art Is Everywhere

Makeup for Halloween via Tumblr

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