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Murals for Men

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

A quick visual post of collected images of murals that may appeal to men for this Sunday’s Father’s Day celebration.

In no particular order:

1) Man with a MuralArab, Alabama Tribune

Donald Walker's Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Donald Walker’s Murals

Donald Walker's Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Barney goes Big

2) Lake Kalamalka/ camping + fishing via Murals & More (

Murals & More on Art Is Everywhere

credit: Murals & More

Lake Kalamalka mural on Art is Everywhere

Lake Kalamalka mural painted by Michelle Loughery, 2002, via Murals & More

3) Football/ Sports Mural by Mike Sullivan via

UT mural on Art Is Everywhere

5) Tasmanian Outback Murals via Lifescapes, Mee lan Woon blog

Tasmanian murals on Art is Everywhere Tasmanian murals on Art is Everywhere

6) Rare ceramic tile mural, Flat Racing, by LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman Flat Racing mural on Art Is Everywhere

7) Mural at Goldman Sachs – via Robert69

Mural at Goldman Sachs on Art is Everywhere

artist unknown

8) Murals that Make History – Otahuhu railway station Mural (depicted circa 1909) – via Auckland Now

Auckland train station mural on Art Is Everywhere

9) Bee Cave Mural brings a protest – a funny story via in Austin, Tx, 2011

Bee Cave Mural on Art Is Everywhere

Bee Cave Mural brings a bust and an excuse to protest a city ban on murals

10) Scandalous Sax Restaurant Murals get a Makeover – Washington Post

These “tongue in cheek” murals depicted almost every “inside scoop” scandal in DC. I had remember reading about this at the time and wanting to go check them out but before I could, the owners, same ones who own Sei and Oya, got so much flack that they had the artist Balage Balogh strategically paint over the most offending “parts“. Sax is still around and I still haven’t been but there’s always masquerade Thursdays to try!   Yahoo!

Sax Restaurant Murals on Art Is Everywhere Sax Restaurant Murals on Art Is Everywhere Sax Restaurant Murals on Art Is Everywhere

11) Finally trade, hard work, and much deserved rest are represented in murals in the Tasmanian town of SheffieldAmusing Planet

Sheffied Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Sheffied Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Sheffied Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Happy Father’s Day!

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Wanted: The 10 Most Egregious Art Crimes

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Like a good summer book, this mystery is worth learning about and maybe finding clues to solve the FBI’s top 10 art crimes.

This one below is the most egregious to me since I’m a huge fan of Caravaggio’s work. He’s one of my favorite painters. Many of his works were lost initially after being painted — paid off for bad debts, etc., due to the criminal lifestyle that he lead, so the fact that we see any is a rarity and for one to go missing is certainly a tragedy. Luckily for us, he was such an exceptional painter that he had many prominent commissions that essentially document his work for us to see long after his lifetime.

This is not one of his better paintings but it’s interesting to me that it is likely it was stolen by other Italian thieves, probably the Mafia. And, fortunately, it, out of all the paintings mentioned, has the most hope of being found since it has come up in relation to two Mafia related criminal trial cases. Read here for more info.

Caravaggio stolen painting on Art is Everywhere

It’s not the only one of Caravaggio’s paintings that has been stolen. The Taking of Christ is one of his masterpieces and frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in this article I reference. I don’t think it’s been found. Here’s a previous post.

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The Four Freedoms

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

In light of this past Monday’s Memorial Day, I thought it would be appropriate to post murals of  Norman Rockwell’s famous iconic paintings, The Four Freedoms. These images represent the American values that he felt embodied enduring freedoms of:  Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, Freedom From Want, and Freedom From Fear.

Norman Rockwell four freedom murals on Art Is Everywhere

The town of Silverton, OR commissioned local artist David McDonald to reproduce the famous paintings as murals in 1993, to mark the fiftieth anniversary in which they were originally painted. We can still look at them today to say although times have changed the importance of the freedoms that they represent have not. We can thank those who have served in our military to fight for America and to ensure and protect our freedoms. Although Memorial Day in only one day to give thanks we can give tribute daily in the lives we live by safeguarding and not taking for granted these freedoms we hold so dear.

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Fly your flag!

American Flag on Art Is Everywhere

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Paarrk de Carr and Look Around da Corrna

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

My unofficial tribute to Boston. A little humor can go a long way to help ease some pain the people there have been experiencing but I hope these few murals will pay respect with their high impact visuals.

Marathon Runners:

Kent Twitchell's Marathon Runners in Los Angeles parking lot via juxtapoz, seen on Art Is Eveyrhwere

Kent Twitchell’s Marathon Runners in Los Angeles parking lot

Beautiful and well executed murals in a Sarasota parking garage. Each floor has its own theme.

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota. All different floor themes.

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Newberry Street Mural in Waltham, Massachusetts by native artist, Joshua Winer. With his effort, he hopes to replace graffiti with ornate “sense of place” murals to help empower the community.

Newberry Street Mural by Joshua Winer as seen on Art is Everywhere

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Plume, A Feather in Our Cap

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Plume is where we decided to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (that is until we can have a bigger celebration that we have not had time to plan).

It is an exquisite dining room with extraordinary food — voted one of the best restaurants in DC.

Plume Restaurant, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Plume Restaurant

We voted to go on a midweek night so it wouldn’t be crowded. Well, it couldn’t have been crowded because little did we know how difficult it would be to get there. The entire street had been blocked off due to “government officials dining at the restaurant.” Code for POTUS and in this case, along with the entire democratic leadership, who decided to have a pow wow on our big night. At least after we finally got around the block (30+ min in rush hour traffic), and our car was overheating, and we finally found a place to park, the secret service guys were expecting us on their list.

Jefferson Hotel, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Once that drama was behind us, as were “the officials” dining behind the black curtain when we first walked in, we could relax and enjoy the evening. We were first seated at this nice table next to the hand-painted grisaille, wallpaper mural of scenes from Monticello. I should have asked who manufactured it and if it was custom. I can only imagine it was since this would be most fitting for the Jefferson Hotel, where Plume is located.

Plume Restaurant mural, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Note the way to get dimension is by layering light over darker painted rendition of shrubbery, which I might add had little detail but a lot of depth.

Plume Restaurant mural, as seen on ArtPlume Restaurant detail grisaille mural, as seen on Art Is Everywhere Is Everywhere

grisaille detail – how to get dimension with light and shadow

We spied a cozier spot that was more appropriate for the celebration. Our waiter, Paul, and wait staff were kind enough to relocate us.

Our romantic book nook at Plume, seen on Art Is Eveyrwhere

Our romantic book nook

The food was delicious. Peter had fois gras to start with Martin’s aged beef (because, coincidentally, he had met Mr. Martin in our local Butcher Block). We always compare who has the better meal and I won out this time with crab emulsion risotto and duck with apple chutney and curry sauces. We didn’t get the tasting menu but we had wines paired with our courses, which was the best idea. Perfect since I gave Peter a book on wines so we’ll know more about what we’re drinking as we travel the world during the next 25 years.

Plume dining as seen on Art Is Everywhere

So maybe if we have that party, we can eat in their special wine room for parties of 20 or more. It reminded me of the 21 Club in New York. However, I’m still fixated on this location (at end of post).

Plume Wine Cellar Restaurant, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Wine Cellar Dining

The pressure has past and we have a lot more time now to look into it. It’s nice to know that we can put a Plume/feather in our cap for making it to 25 years and continuing.

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Cherry Blossoms have Blossomed

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Lately The Washington Post has been featuring artistic photography. This one of the Cherry Blossoms is inspirational.

Cherry Blossoms via Washington Post on Art Is Everywwher

It’s really hard to take a photo that you haven’t seen before of such a popular event as the Cherry Blossoms blooming around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Like Mardi Gras, it’s a time when I don’t visit this local festival often but have in the past. This photo was unusual and almost looked surreal with it’s unique depiction of the event and at night. Evidently I wasn’t the only one to think so…

Cherry Blossoms via the Washington Post on Art Is Everywhere

Response to the above photo

The Post has had some inspirational photos lately, like these as well. They were taken when we were supposed to get a heavy snowfall when instead, we got rain. Good thing, I wasn’t ready for snow even though we didn’t have a lot of it. It’s just that it’s April and spring is supposed to be here.

Washington Post photo via Art Is Everywhere

Washington Post photo via Art Is Everywhere

As seen through a car window

On a completely other note. This is a few days after my 25th wedding anniversary (forgot to post earlier). Eventually, we’ll celebrate it the right way — with more fanfare and inviting family and friends to join in the celebration!! In the meantime, with recent events in Boston, it’s time to cherish the ones we love.



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Renewal Murals

Friday, April 5th, 2013

I ran across these murals recently in my archive of potential blog posts. They all had one thing in common, the theme of renewal. Therein Happy Easter!! They remind me of spring, new birth, new awakening and new growth. Change, when it is afoot can be uncertain but mostly good.

I really like this one in North Stonington’s Health Center, where artist Karen Krogseng painted the murals along with four students from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I like how the tree branch goes over the doorway. There’s a bird’s nest with eggs and even (Easter) bunnies in this one. This mural depicts change branching from one side of the door to the other where the leaves are barren but new life is about ready to break open.

RISD Health Center Murals, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

North Stonington Center Murals

The “Bird’s Eye View” mural not too far from Pittsburgh has a creative perspective from above with the birds looking down on the community below and gives you an indication of what they may see as they fly the friendly skies. It has a 3-D look because the bricks lend themselves to defining the houses they represent. The story of how this came to be is pretty fascinating as well. Happenstance often seems fated but maybe it’s a larger force looking out for us. This story seems to indicate this to me. Click here to see some before pics and the mural in progression

Birds Eye View painted by Kristin Williams, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Birds Eye View painted by Kristin Williams via Forest Hills Regent Square Patch

Artist Dylan Karges was working in Bill Poe’s garden with a lumbering mother and baby giraffe mural as part of an Art in the Garden event in 2011 in Starkville, Mississippi. Poe stated that the objective of the event, “is to heighten the visibility and engagement in appreciation of the arts, to get people out so they can create a forum to share and inspire others to raise the bar for their gardens and the general aesthetics for the town.” Who doesn’t find giraffes some of the most curious of animals? I love how this mural becomes part of the space naturally with the foliage — some painted and some real.

Art in the Garden mural via The Dispatch, as seen on Art is Everywhere

Art in the Garden mural via The Dispatch.

This next set of murals via Studio G, depict street artist Roa’s work. They are somewhat dark but have that beautifully detailed look of illustrations from a different decade. Here’s a tumblr site with more of Roa’s work. I’ll end back where I started with a bunny but this one much larger than life. Easter is like that.

Roa Rabbit as seen on Art Is Eveyhere

Roa’s masterful Rabbit

Happy Easter, again!


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Birds of a Real Feather

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

I’ve seen a lot of bird paintings. I like birds and even paint them myself. I was surprised that I was not familiar with these types of painted birds with real feathers. They were on display at Antiques in Alexandria in the Arader Galleries booth. If you look closely in the detail photo, you can see the feathers.

Painted birds with watercolor with feathers via Arader Galleries, as seen on Art is Everywhere

Anonymous German Artist, c. 1815 – 30, watercolor with feathers, $2,800 Arader Galleries

I had to get underneath the painting to be able to depict the actual feathers. I think you can see them pretty well here and also see what has been painted and what is actual bird. This is a pretty unique and clever concept. I also like how the feathers add depth and bright color to the painting, something that with just paint would be lacking.

Painted birds with watercolor with feathers via Arader Galleries, as seen on Art is Everywhere

You can see all the many birds here on the blue wall.

Arader Galleries booth. Photo from Slipcovers for your walls blog, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arader Galleries booth. Photo from Slipcovers for your walls blog

Want to make your own feather artwork? Start collecting.

Another thing I learned about was that fashion back in the 1920′s was not exactly as I thought — all flashy and ready to get up and do the Charleston in. This was primarily the vision for the well to do. General attire was much more low key and simple. You can see multiple styles featured in this fashion exhibit at the show — among them, an evening dress with heavy beading and a casual day-wear dress that you could see worn today as popular “vintage” attire. The pajamas stuck me as being funny, yes, comfortable but not anything sexy about them. Maybe they were the early version of lounge wear sweats. ;)

1920's Fashion exhibit at the Antiques in Alexandria Show, as seen on Art Is Everhywhere

1920's Fashion exhibit at the Antiques in Alexandria Show, as seen on Art Is Everhywhere

Click here to read more about the show.

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Antiques in Alexandria

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

The decorative arts are alive, especially at Antiques in Alexandria this weekend. I’m involved and that’s fresh off the heels of returning from work in New York. Casart coverings is wrapping Mary Douglas Drysdale’s featured booth for the event in one of her Signature Colors.

Antiques in Alexandria, Art Is Everywhere

Antiques in Alexandria

The show runs March 7th with a Kick Off Preview Party tonight through March 10th. Proceeds benefit three Alexandria, VA community groups: Twig (supporting the local Alexandria Inova Hospital / my volunteer group), The Lyceum (supporting Alexandria’s History Museum) and the Alexandria Association (dedicated to preservation of historic structures and promotion of the decorative arts).

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A Happy Birthday at Notting Hill

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Restaurants come and go in my neighborhood but recently a new restaurant, Notting Hill has open in the location of an Old Town staple, the old Le Gaulois restaurant. Peter and I decided to try it out for my birthday. Great choice!

Notting Hill-1_AIE, Art Is Everywhere

It was an unusually slow night but to our benefit, because we literally had a private dining experience. This is a panoramic shot from Peter’s iPhone camera. Behind us was a roaring fire adding to the inviting interior. They did a great job with color blocking – using different complementary paint colors on perpendicular and parallel walls, as well as the ceiling.

Notting hill-birthday girl_AIE, Art Is Everhwhere

Here’s a better view from the restaurant’s website.

Notting Hill_3_AIE, Art Is Everywhere

Everything on their dinner menu sounded excellent and worth trying. I will definitely go back to do so. However, here’s what we had:

Composed Beets

Firefly goat cheese mousse, rocket and orange marmalade vinaigrette, pistachio butter

Corn Crusted Rappahannock River Oysters

Pickled horseradish, celery root with an apple cider-ranch dressing

The Chef was so kind to give us complementary cups of his:

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Crystallized ginger creme fraiche

which was probably the best butternut squash soup I’ve had. The trick, add honey!

butternut squash soup_AIE, Art is Everywhere

Maine Lobster Fondue

Sweet potato, apple wood smoked bacon creamy rainbow chard, verjus butter

Cast Iron Seared Rib Eye

Roasted salsify, kabocha squash and red wine sauce

I think I won out on both the beet appetizer and lobster main meal.  The flavors were so deliciously paired and different from your typical gourmet style — either too bland or too weird and wacky and overkill, like I remember seeing sea urchin on the menu once from a competing destination restaurant.

We both shared their:

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

with braised pineapple

– just the right amount for dessert because the meal was rich.

Next time, we’ll have to check out the upstairs bar, which used to be Bar Baudelaire and preserves the same French style.

Notting Hill-bar_AIE, Art Is Everywhere

We’re excited to go back, especially knowing they have:

Live Entertainment

Thursday thru Saturday 10.00pm – 1.00am
+ when spring comes, their patio, (my favorite part about Le Gaulois), will finally be open again and worth visiting under a new proprietorship.
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