Look Closely

I was late to post for Halloween but I couldn’t let this image, although belated, go by without calling attention to it.

Next time you’re talking to someone during Halloween, look closely, their costume may be right in their eyes.

Brilliant!! I have to remember this for next year!

Makeup for Halloween via Tumblr on Art Is Everywhere

Makeup for Halloween via Tumblr

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Fall Exhibit Lineup

There are so many good art exhibits coming to the DC area that I thought I’d create a short checklist for

this fall lineup:

I’m excited about this one because I’ve been to this Christina Olson house and have seen this view. I’m fascinated with Wyeth’s windows. He was onto the mystery they hold.

Andrew Wyeth exhibit

  • Degas / Cassatt — NGA, 70 pieces exploring the artistic connection between Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt

Degas / Cassatt art exhibit on Art Is Everywhere

hubcap art on Art Is Everywhere

I’m not sure I can make it to this one, but maybe when I’m in the Shenandoah while wine tasting next weekend if nearby. There are some wonderful pieces like this one by Discovery by New Jersey artist Robert Beck.

The museum website link has the full artist roster and descriptions. Well worth the download.

Discovery hubcap art by Robert Beck



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Science-Fair Calls Home

In my other life, when working at my favorite museum in DC, I had plans to be an exhibition designer.

Well, these plans changed but if I only had time and focus to participate,  this would be a very ‘out of this world’ competition.

The Museum of Science Fiction, which I never knew even existed (but not a physical place yet), and in the DC area, wants to know,

Do you have a personal vision of the future?” (Washington Post credit Nancy Szokan)

MSOF website visual on AIE, Art iI Everywhere

MOSF’s website looks like a very cool scene out of Star Wars

MOSF is holding exhibition design competition for participants to enter their ideas for a preview space upon which the museum wants their facility to be built by 2017.

Their current postal address is:

Alexandria, VA 22313-0088
USA: Earth: Sol: Milky Way

Wacky and fun — this could be nearly in my backyard!!

The objective is for entrants to design this museum’s future space (no pun intended).

This blows your typical science fair out of the water and gives a chance for budding, as well as established designers, to call this MSOF’s new home a part of their vision.

The registration deadline is October 31. Submission deadline is November 30 and the winner will be announced December 15 along with a $1,000 price and a chance to be a MOsci-fi pioneer.

MSOF_Exhibit Design Poster on AIE

They don’t say much in their promo video, but you’ll have fun watching and counting how many sci-fi movies and references you’ll recognize.

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Getting Back into the Groove

All things considered, I’m happy to be able to write this post, for September 11th,  after an intense few weeks, before a much-needed vacation and a very tough first week back from the beach.

I’m getting back in the work groove, slowly.

But I just cannot think of this day without reflection on family & friends, as they hold so much significance in our lives and how this anniversary affects all those who were lost.

Just now seeing my son’s pictures from his honeymoon, which were lovely, made me think this process of getting back into the groove is like jellyfish moving in the water; even with water (and so many things) swirling around, they eventually get to where they need to be and do so beautifully.

Jellyfish at Aquarium in Monterey, CA_on Art is Everywhere, AIE blog

Jellyfish at Aquarium in Monterey, CA

It certainly is a satisfying feeling to complete nearly 50+ hours of work with very little sleep or nourishment in order to get my new decorative painting website done. This was a scramble to complete before my current and old one just disappears. I’ll no longer be using my current hosting and moving to a WordPress site, which will be
like writing blog posts.

I’ve essentially written 162 blog posts and reviewed 260 in the last 72 hours with about 600 images to still address!! That’s somewhat insurmountable feat.

I’m glad it’s done — until fully complete with domain name transfer I’m trying to schedule this week.

In the meantime, enjoy these few pics from Monterey, California and a place I hope to someday visit.

This picture is a slow build-up of work that eventually become a collective, artistic phenomena.

man-made cairns on Art is Everywhere, AIE blog

Man-made cairns on Monterey beach in CA – a stone mine-field worth walking through

Monterey beach with seals in a cluster on Art is Everywhere, AIE blog

Monterey beach with seals in a cluster

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Seawalls Artists – Art for the Shark

This is a followup to my last post, Art for the Shark.

What good timing. I just saw this video below that profiles the artists involved in the Seawalls – Murals for Oceans project.

I’m getting ready to go on a much-needed, sanity-break vacation next week, after my oldest son’s wedding this past Saturday, which was beautiful but I’m still processing.  I’m also trying to get all the back-log of work done before taking my youngest son back to college. Visiting with family, friends and meeting guests and new extended family over the last 5 day weekend was both fun and exhausting. There will be a later post regarding, when I can reflect.

Just viewing this video gives me a sense of calm in the chaos. Seeing how much fun they had reminds me of my upcoming vacation, where I will be doing much of the same — except maybe not swimming with sharks (I hope). I just wish I also had time to draw, paint and absorb myself fully with art in the process. I will have to bring some work with me but I will, as I always, be thinking about art and will try to meet a goal of doing a sketch a day.

PangeaSeed Presents – Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans – Mexico Expedition: Isla Mujeres 2014 from PangeaSeed on Vimeo.

Source: Huffington Post article.

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Art for the Shark

Although this is an appropriate post during the Discovery Channel’s famous Shark Week, my thoughts are with family as my son gets married in 2 days, but that will be a future post.

After seeing this video and reviewing some of the art, I have a new appreciation for sharks; even though, I’m one of those still affected by the movie Jaws and cannot easily swim in the ocean or any body of water that is not visibly clear.

PangeaSeed has done a good job to promote the positive PR for sharks. They create awareness through art of their plight in being overly fished just for their fins to make a popular, luxury soup in main Asian cities.

PangeaSeed Presents: The Art of Saving Sharks from PangeaSeed on Vimeo.

Some of the artwork has more of a political perspective than I would prefer but below are some of the many colorfully patterned pieces that first grabbed my attention from PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls Murals for Oceans event in Mexico and which lead me to their effort.

1_PangeaSeed Sea walls murals via Highsnobiety on AIE

Photos source: Highsnobiety

2_PangeaSeed Sea walls murals via Highsnobiety on AIE

This one and the next are truly beautiful

3_PangeaSeed Sea walls murals via Highsnobiety on AIE

4_PangeaSeed Sea walls murals via Highsnobiety on AIE

When you click this Highsnobiety link to the article source, hovering over the feature image will lead you to view many more murals.

I am mesmerized by the ocean’s sea and wildlife. It’s a whole other world that I hope to explore one day, possibly through learning how to dive. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. In the meantime, having fish are some of my favorite pets just so I can watch how they swim.

I’m both fearful and in awe of great white sharks and the majesty they intrinsically hold. Here’s my rendition in a mural I painted some time ago for a client on her son’s bedroom wall. It’s part of a two panel piece framing the window with more sea life represented.

10Shark detailc_CAS by Ashley Spencer on AIE

I’m rushing to get my new website updated and completed before this current one expires. Check back, it will have a new look soon.



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World Cup Murals

This past weekend was the final round of World Cup games and to learn who wins the championship.

Like so many others, I’ve enjoyed watching all the games.

I’m disappointed that USA lost but they’ve all been so good to watch — except the last Brazilian defeat — heartbreaking.

The murals found in Brazil focus on what futbal means to this country.

They express mixed emotions for how much money has been poured into Brazil hosting the games when their people are so impoverished

and the burden it has been on the players to represent and please their nation.

http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=19649&p=0  WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 3 WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 4 WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 5 WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 6 WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 7WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 8

WP_World cup Soccer_AIE 2

All photos courtesy Washington Post

Despite any political controversy and corruption in Brazil, soccer lifts the people’s spirits and does make the world seem more universally connected.

You can read more in this article, At the World Cup, Street Art Reveals Conflicted Feelings.


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Red, White & Blue for a Happy July 4th

Celebrating July 4th with red, white and blue.

Jersey City Mural on Art Is Everywhere

“A blue-hued image of a Native American woman on the side of an apartment building at Summit Avenue and Grand Street, courtesy of artists Shawn “Pawn” Edwards and Emilio Florentine”

will help Jersey City on its path to becoming a mural city.

Maybe it’s just me, but this image reminds me of Liv Tyler.

Hope you have a happy July 4th!

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Some Beautiful Scenes of Summer

With Father’s Day approaching this Sunday, it’s time to be grateful for family and all they mean to us.

I remember family trips, picking summer fruit and playing games as being a big part of my memories of my own father and family.

its a Journey_painting by Susan Harrell_AIE

I’m not sure how I came upon Susan Harrell’s work but I love her self-taught, realistic style.


If you are getting ready to embark on your own family trip, (we’re getting ready to take our youngest son back to college for summer school and it’s bittersweet) or just thinking about scenes of summer, here are just some of the many beautiful scenes that Susan Harrell has painted.

Cherries_Painting by Susan Harrell_AIE

Fruit_painting by Susan Harrell_AIEGrapes_The Color Red_painting by Susan Harrell

And as this next painting suggests, it goes by so very quickly, so enjoy.

Growing up chick_painting by Susan Harrell

If you’d like to see her work in progress, click her video, but…

…go to her website to see more

and Happy Father’s Day!


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