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Diaphanous Gesture Gradient to Celebrate Spring

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Happy first official day of spring!

I imagine so many people are looking forward to this unusually cold winter to be over.

Personally, I wish we had gotten more snow where I’m located just to shut everything down and cover everything in a pristine white blanket. I unexpectedly got my wish this past weekend.

However, when I saw this Kickstarter campaign for Janet Echleman, an artist who creates such diaphanous sculptures as soft-gesture gradients that float in the air like giant beautiful jellyfish and counterpoint to hard-edged city surroundings, I couldn’t resist posting for the first day of spring.

Wouldn’t you like to look over head and see this?

It just opens up your world.

Click the image/ video link to learn more about this project: how her sculptures first started from adaptation, what they celebrate and where you can see it soon, as it has been funded.

Now I have another reason to go to Vancouver.


Her project was funded and I’ll share updates as a contributor.

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Living Tree People

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Mardi Gras has past and I had other posts that kept this one from being posted at that time but had I been in New Orleans, I wouldn’t have been able to think of a better costume than these!

I saw these wonderful photographs by Clark Vandergrift featured  in my local the Washington Post Magazine. He takes the scenic photos and combines them in Photoshop with models painted as trees that become “Living Tree People.” The models are painted by Jen Seidel, a professional body painter. The first model is Vandergrift’s son.

Tree People by Clark Vandergrift on Slipcovers for your Walls, casartblog

Tree People by Clark Vndergrift on Slipcovers for your Walls, casartblog

Tree People by Clark Vndergrift on Slipcovers for your Walls, casartblog

Tree People by Clark Vndergrift on Slipcovers for your Walls, casartblog

Tree People by Clark Vndergrift on Slipcovers for your Walls, casartblog

Tree People by Clark Vndergrift on Slipcovers for your Walls, casartblog

To view more inspirational photographs, go to Clark Vandergrift’s website.

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Loving Vincent

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Do you love Vincent Van Gogh? If you do, you’ll love Loving Vincent.

The Loving Vincent Van Gogh project on Kickstarter is worth your attention — if you love Van Gogh’s paintings.

It is the first feature-length animated documentary on Vincent Van Gogh’s life — fully visualized and told by his paintings by Break Thru Films.

The project is by Hugh Welchman, the Oscar Award winner for his animated movie, Peter and the Wolf. The crowdsourcing campaign is seeking a £40,000 goal (about $66,620) to

“…allow us to train 40 painters who will then be able to work on the film, bringing the paintings and life of Vincent Van Gogh to swirling life on the big screen!”

At this writing, the project has been funded with £42,940 (about $71,800) by 600 backers, and I’m one!

With 8 more days to go, they are now reaching for £65,000 (about $108,673).

Get on board if you Love Art and Vincent Van Gogh!

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A Little Birthday Art

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Look what Google gave me for my birthday last week?

At first I thought, “How cool! What famous person’s birthday is Google celebrating?”

Maybe I’m new to discovering this new technology, or on the flip side, how “Big Brother” seeming Google can be,

but it helped make my birthday all the more memorable.

Happy Birthday from Google on Art Is EverywhereThank you Google and for helping to celebrate my birthday with personalized artwork and for confirming that Art Is Everywhere!

Sometimes it’s where you least expect.

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A City Sans Its Beloved Murals?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Well, it’s very sad news that the city of Detroit is bankrupt. It’s symbolic for our downtrodden economy. And yet, a city must do what it has to do to get back on its feet. Detroit is holding a huge auction and thankfully not on the auction block is its famous Diego Rivera Murals depicting Detroit’s Industry as seen here in the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

Diego Rivera Murals at Institute of Arts in Detroit_via Huffington Post on Art Is EverywhereThe murals were originally commissioned by Edsel B. Ford, head of the Ford Motor Company in 1932 for $20,800 and then donated to the city of Detroit. They cover 4,032 square feet walls of the city’s museum and are have become a part of Detroit’s culture with visitor coming from miles to see them.

Christie’s Auction House has appraised the Detroit Museums Art Collection while not including the Diego Murals from $452 million and $866 million. Although many of the works of art will not be necessarily sold, they can be leveraged against the city’s $18 billion debt.

The museum is opposing the sale and had this to say:
“Detroit needs the art now more than ever to comfort its citizens…The museum collection is a cultural resource, not a municipal asset.
What will happen remains to be seen…but it’s very sad to see a city’s art collection used as collateral.
Read more here on the Huffington Post.
Here’s a follow up story that came to my attention just this week how private benefactors may be coming to the city’s aid in pledging money to save the collection>
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Veterans & Flags

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

In a belated tribute to US Veterans, here are some murals that pay tribute — to thank them for their service and to welcome them back home.

Art Is Everywhere_NYC Flag Mural

via Jazz

Artist Scott LaBaido paints flags as a tribute to the military. He often paints murals in conjunction with actor Gary Sinise’s concerts, which also honor and offer support to the US military personnel through his foundation.

Scott LaBaido flag mural on Art Is Everywhere

via Fayetteville Observer

This is a great iconic image  with a colorful update.

Art Is Everywhere_NYC Veterans Mural

via Jazz

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Prankster Punk or PR Planned?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The movie Carrie just came out — just in time for Halloween. Here’s and elaborate PR stunt to get a video to go viral for marketing a related movie.

I’ll consider it performance art, considering the elaborate steps and stages that were taken. Actors on the scene help emphasize the impossible phenomenon but the “real” customers  seemed to be in shock.

carrie coffee shop video on art is everywhere

Click here to go to the article and view the video.

I really like Julianne Moore who plays Carrie’s mother in the film but the clips I’ve seen make me like the original better. The coffee shop prank is pretty convincing.

Therein, I think the ThinkMondo production company was successful in their objective because I’m just one of many re-posting this video — helping it to go viral without even trying.

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Independence Day, By George!

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

And, celebrating with Patriotic Murals made of Sticky Notes:

Big George Mural on Art Is Everywhere

George Washington Mural in progress in the window of West Palm Beach public library

Big George Mural on Art Is Everywhere

Big George Mural on Art Is Everywhere

Lady Liberty is also made of Sticky Notes.

Lady Liberty Sticky Note Mural on Art Is Everywhere

Springfield, Illinois is starting a mural project and a couple of concepts below happen to be Big Abe Lincoln, another presidential tribute for this Independence Day. They are trying to determine which murals will be painted and where they will be located.

Abe Lincoln Springfield mural concept on Art Is Everywhere Abe Lincoln Springfield mural concept on Art Is Everywhere

Springfield mural concept on Art Is Everywhere

Personally, I like this one if it comes down to a choice.

Finally, these highly realistic murals by Dave Gordon deserve to be mentioned for today’s celebration.

Dave Gordon's Independence Mural Philadelphia's Visitor Center on Art Is Everywhere

Dave Gordon’s Independence Murals at Philadelphia’s Visitor Center

Dave Gordon's Independence Mural at Constitution Hall in PhilidelphiaDave Gordon's Independence Mural Philadelphia's Visitor Center on Art Is Everywhere


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Murals for Men

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

A quick visual post of collected images of murals that may appeal to men for this Sunday’s Father’s Day celebration.

In no particular order:

1) Man with a MuralArab, Alabama Tribune

Donald Walker's Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Donald Walker’s Murals

Donald Walker's Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Barney goes Big

2) Lake Kalamalka/ camping + fishing via Murals & More (

Murals & More on Art Is Everywhere

credit: Murals & More

Lake Kalamalka mural on Art is Everywhere

Lake Kalamalka mural painted by Michelle Loughery, 2002, via Murals & More

3) Football/ Sports Mural by Mike Sullivan via

UT mural on Art Is Everywhere

5) Tasmanian Outback Murals via Lifescapes, Mee lan Woon blog

Tasmanian murals on Art is Everywhere Tasmanian murals on Art is Everywhere

6) Rare ceramic tile mural, Flat Racing, by LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman Flat Racing mural on Art Is Everywhere

7) Mural at Goldman Sachs – via Robert69

Mural at Goldman Sachs on Art is Everywhere

artist unknown

8) Murals that Make History – Otahuhu railway station Mural (depicted circa 1909) – via Auckland Now

Auckland train station mural on Art Is Everywhere

9) Bee Cave Mural brings a protest – a funny story via in Austin, Tx, 2011

Bee Cave Mural on Art Is Everywhere

Bee Cave Mural brings a bust and an excuse to protest a city ban on murals

10) Scandalous Sax Restaurant Murals get a Makeover – Washington Post

These “tongue in cheek” murals depicted almost every “inside scoop” scandal in DC. I had remember reading about this at the time and wanting to go check them out but before I could, the owners, same ones who own Sei and Oya, got so much flack that they had the artist Balage Balogh strategically paint over the most offending “parts“. Sax is still around and I still haven’t been but there’s always masquerade Thursdays to try!   Yahoo!

Sax Restaurant Murals on Art Is Everywhere Sax Restaurant Murals on Art Is Everywhere Sax Restaurant Murals on Art Is Everywhere

11) Finally trade, hard work, and much deserved rest are represented in murals in the Tasmanian town of SheffieldAmusing Planet

Sheffied Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Sheffied Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Sheffied Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Happy Father’s Day!

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Wanted: The 10 Most Egregious Art Crimes

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Like a good summer book, this mystery is worth learning about and maybe finding clues to solve the FBI’s top 10 art crimes.

This one below is the most egregious to me since I’m a huge fan of Caravaggio’s work. He’s one of my favorite painters. Many of his works were lost initially after being painted — paid off for bad debts, etc., due to the criminal lifestyle that he lead, so the fact that we see any is a rarity and for one to go missing is certainly a tragedy. Luckily for us, he was such an exceptional painter that he had many prominent commissions that essentially document his work for us to see long after his lifetime.

This is not one of his better paintings but it’s interesting to me that it is likely it was stolen by other Italian thieves, probably the Mafia. And, fortunately, it, out of all the paintings mentioned, has the most hope of being found since it has come up in relation to two Mafia related criminal trial cases. Read here for more info.

Caravaggio stolen painting on Art is Everywhere

It’s not the only one of Caravaggio’s paintings that has been stolen. The Taking of Christ is one of his masterpieces and frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in this article I reference. I don’t think it’s been found. Here’s a previous post.

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