Royal Murals

Maybe you’ve heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton were married last Friday? You may be in a cave if you haven’t but you might not know that that there are new portrait murals in Australia of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, made with bricks. Yes, they are getting the royal treatment alright. The company that created these murals, AustralBricks, is also the same one that did the Oprah mural.


William-and-Kate-brick-murals via Wall Street Journal on Art is Everywhere
William and Kate brick murals via Wall Street Journal

There is a new mural of the lovely couple slated for the lower east side of Manhatten by street artist, Antonio “Chico” Garcia. Not sure if they’ll be so enamored by this, but they’re now in the public spotlight whether they like it or not. Maybe when they come to America, they’ll take a drive-by look?

Royal Wedding - on Art Is Everywhere

This photo, by Peter Macdiarmid or Getty Images, cracks me up, btw. The bridesmaid on the left says it all.

Actually, the wedding was beautiful as was the bride — very traditional yet modern by wearing her hair down. She did look very graceful and stately, reminding me of Grace Kelly’s elegance yet, you could tell she was nervous during the ceremony. She and her husband seemed relieved and relaxed afterwards, while on the balcony during this long-awaited public kiss.

A Little Fruit with those Veggies, Please

I’ve been meaning to post this for so long that it seems appropriate to do it now while I’ve just mentioned Mardi Gras costumes, which conjures dressing up in disguise.

This reminds me of  Arcimboldo exhibit that my son Piers and I saw at the National Gallery of Art while he was in town for winter break. I had studied Archimboldo for my Art History major but wasn’t really familiar with the details of his work. I was mesmerized by how everything he painted, in exceptional detail, had some sort of symbolic meaning and or was attributed to the world’s fascination, at the time, with new found flora and fauna in Nature and even with the grotesque. Not to mention, the exceptional skill it took to assemble all these elements to paint a trompe l’oeil painting that was an imaginative and representational portrait. He was highly regarded and popular during his lifetime (unlike so many artists). He was the court painter for three different monarchs, Ferdinand I (Habsbourg), Maximilian II and his son Rudolf II (Prague). Leonardo was probably aware of his work and later, Salvador Dali, among others, were influenced by his surrealistic style. The more you look at his paintings, the more will be unveiled.

Arcimboldo's Vortumnus via, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arcimboldo's Vortumnus via

Winter-(L'Inverno) via, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arcimboldo's Winter-(L'Inverno), 1572

Here’s a picture that we took of an incredible modern sculpture that was inspired by Arcimboldo’s Winter montage/ portrait, above.

Arcimoldo-sculpture_NGA_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arcimoldo style sculpture at National Gallery of Art. Photo by Piers Spencer

Since I normally post about Murals on Mondays, how could I forget. Here’s a wonderful trompe l’oeil mural of a humorous grocery/ fruit stand scene in Osaka, Japan.

1_Trompe l'oeil mural via Silent I, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Trompe l'oeil mural in Osaka, Japan, via Silent I (Photo by Glennia Campbell)

Some Oscar Oriented Murals?

Perhaps the Academy Awards may want to honor this humorous take on “the Oscar.”

This mural depicts Bansky, the mystery street artist, as the Oscar Award itself, in honor of the film Exit Through the Gift Shop about Bansky’s work at Mr. Brainwash’s Studios (another famous graffiti artist). There is talk about Bansky possibly revealing himself if in fact he does get the Oscar.

Bansky mural by Mr Brainwash Studios, via Dirtfloor, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

Bansky mural by Mr Brainwash Studios, via

Bansky mural by Mr Brainwash Studios, via Dirtfloor, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

Bansky mural by Mr Brainwash Studios, via

This is an another eye-catching piece in LA. Hope it doesn’t cause an driving accident.

Eye-catching-LA-mural_via Wooster, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

Head turning LA mural via Wooster Collective

I don’t know about you, but this mural reminds me of Jeff Bridges.

street-art-in-hollywood-face-mural-1 via Dirt Floor, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Hollywood Portrait Mural via Dirt Floor

Oh, and here’s one more made of bricks depicting Oprah in Fairfield, New South Whales, Australia — a long way away from Hollywood.

Austral Bricks creates Oprah murals, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Austral Bricks creates an Oprah mural made of bricks in New South Whales

OK Performance Art

This fantastic video by OK Go satisfies both a regular post showing that Art Is Everywhere and in this case, performance art and my musical selection for Kick Starting your Weekend.

It will leaving you wondering, “How did they do that?” It left me thinking, “I wonder how many takes it took?” and left me trying to remember that when sh _ t happen, “This too shall pass.” Enjoy!

I didn’t realize this before but this tune just happens to be reminiscent of my husband’s favorite,  Mr. Brown by Bob Marley.

Tough Love for Art

It’s not every day that you read an article that goes against the grain of what a parent is supposed to do with the reality of the situation and asks the question, “Do you save all your child’s artwork or do you pitch?” This New York Times article about when art takes over by Michael Tortorello and what to do about saving children’s artwork resonated with me; even though, my boys are nearly all grown up, or at least are both in college. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but I loved its humor, for instance, this is the cover photo, with little Elizabeth displaying a piece from “her blue period,” as her mother says.

When art takes over article via NYT, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

When art takes over. All photos via New York Times

When art takes over via NYT, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

When children's art takes over via New York Times, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

A clever solution for another "blue period piece" *

When children's art takes over via New York Times, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere

I had mixed reactions to this piece because I did save a lot of my children’s  artwork but I also was very selective and threw a lot of it away as it was coming in daily with no space to save. I think there must be a way to find a balance in doing this. I remember my mother, who is a trasher (opposite of a hoarder), actually saved some of my artwork. I was surprised when she presented it to me when I was an adult. I was moved that 1) she had saved it all those years and 2) that it sparked some reflection back in my childhood that seemed already so distant and removed. It brought back chuckles and a sense of innocence as well as some heartfelt emotion that helped temper the stresses that the adult world and responsibilities of living in it bring. It was nice to have that keepsake and then I promptly, being a practical person and aware of my limited space for clutter, pitched it. OK, I may have saved one that wasn’t a stick drawing. Now I know what to do with the two jam-packed portfolios of “masterpieces.” I’ll return them to their creators, for they may get more meaning out of them than I and it can be their responsibility to decide to keep or trash. Either way, the early artwork saved does serve a reflective purpose down the road — if you have a place to save it.

* Here’s some artwork that I get to enjoy everyday, as I turned my older son, Piers’, imaginative artwork of a pirate ship into a magnet. I think he was using pirate Legos at the time when he drew this and I’m sure still has that built ship somewhere. He’s now nearly 23 and getting ready to graduate from the University of Virginia with a degree in Civil Engineering. Through his early artwork, I can see the developing stages of that mind for creative construction in the making.

Child's artwork as magnet, as seen on Art-Is-Everywhere blog

Child's artwork as a magnet

This song, Sour Girl, by the Stone Temple Pilots has been playing in my head all week. Funny that it’s one of the few songs where I do not like the video but here’s the link that coincidentally, reminds me of Telly Tubbies (for children), so may be weirdly appropriate for this post + it has better sound quality. However, I thought this was a better one to be able to concentrate on their music for Kick Starting the Weekend.

Current Events

Due to the results of the current election, I decided to post one more mural and a surprise illustration that I received from one of my readers.

This 10 x 40 foot, trompe l’oeil  architectural mural below, painted by EVOL, appears to be falling down. What a great illusion that I think is representational of the current state of affairs — as grand as the Berlin Wall finally being dismantled — slowly — piece-by-piece-by-piece, but eventually no longer and only a remembered scare. It’s also a memory that no one forgets and I would hope we could all learn from it’s circumstances as not to repeat again. When things fall down, however, the best thing to do is to clean it up.

architectural-art-mural on dornob as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Trompe l'Oeil painted Architectural Art Mural on dornob

architectural-art-murals via dornob as seen on Art Is Everywhere

architectural-art-murals via dornob as seen on Art Is Everywhere
One of my readers contacted me in July after seeing my post on Political Caricatures, where I used a (step-by-step) instructional how to draw Obama illustration by Steve Breen that was featured in my local newspaper. This reader was kind enough to ask me if he could copy the drawing and change a few things. I relayed that it wasn’t my original drawing but I had posted it in my blog with credit to the artist. I suggested he contact the artist, which he did, to get his permission, which he gave and said, go for it!  It’s nice to see such thoughtfulness in this modern day to even think to obtain permission. Here’s Vince’s first version. He was going to change the sign and refine. I’m not sure if he ever did but I mentioned that I would like to use his caricature and that I would contact him when I posted it. Now seems a good time, considering. Don’t be surprised if you see these on t-shirts in the next election campaign. You can say you saw it here first and give the artist his due credit. Vince did a good job!

Obama caricature by Vince, as seen on Art is Everywhere

Obama caricature by Vince

draw-obama-by-steve-breen, seen on Art Is Everywhere


Kick-Starting the Weekend, early with Coldplay’s The World Turned Upside Down and right side up…

Celebrity Murals & Portraits

Here are a few celebrity murals that I’ve been collecting.

Artist Ed Capeau is pictured recently painting a mural of Marilyn Monroe in Freetown, MA.

Ed_Capeau_Photo by Jack Foley via Herald News, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Ed Capeau puts touch ups on his mural. Photo by Jack Foley on Herald News

Reading backwards — this is the first story that ran about this ongoing mural project:

The response was so positive that Capeau decided to paint Monroe next to Einstein. On the great thinker’s other side is a question mark — and Capeau is asking Herald News readers to choose the next star who will appear on the wall.

The candidates are Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball and Judy Garland. To vote on a selection, log on to Capeau has agreed to paint the selection that receives the most votes.

Ed-Capeau_Herald-News1, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Ed Capeau paints celebrity mural. Photo by Jack Foley for Herald News


Kimberly Brooks paints a series of portraits as part of her Stylist Project, as seen in this one of Rachel Zoe.

rachel_zoe_the_stylist_project_kimberly_brooks, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Rachel Zoe portrait by Kimberly Brooks on The Examiner

These are some fascinating portrait murals created by chipping the paint away, or scratching the surface of the existing paint — a reverse process of painting, by Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto.

Andre-Farto1_b on Architects-newspapers-blog, on Art Is Everywhere blog

Mural-by_Andre-Farto from Architects Newspaper blog, seen on Art Is Everywhere

I was really taken with the moment when I saw this mural and its subject, Marc Abrams, a physician who was a celebrity in his neighborhood for walking 20 -30 miles, shirtless, while often reading the paper. He was a fitness advocate but sadly was found dead in his backyard at age 58.

Sole mates. Photo by Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2010, on ArtIsEverywhere

Marc Abrams walks past a subject in a mural painted in his likeness

And in light of the upcoming election, here is one of my favorite murals. This is a link to other optical illusion murals besides this one in DC, that I’ve always admired.

white123.preview on Environmental Graffiti, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Trompe l'Oeil Graffiti Mural in DC. Photo by katmere on Environmental Graffiti

Tape Art

The murals I mentioned in the last post must have required a lot of tape. Although painter’s tape is traditionally used for “taping off” areas for painting and mural projects, this sticky blue stuff can also be used to make unusual and temporary tape art and murals as seen in this examples by Michael Townsend.

Michael Townsend. Photo via Technology Review (John Maeda), seen on Art Is Everywhere

Michael Townsend. Photo via Technology Review by John Maeda

Tape-Art-Works by Michael Townsend, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

artallstate-wide_tape-art-Michael Townsend, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Bonfire Tape Art by Michael Townsend

I also ran across this unusual site via Trend Hunter for tape murals by Multipraktik. This video describes the process for making their creations and shows the fun involved.

TapeArt – Fejzo & Luka Ursic from Multipraktik on Vimeo.

Tape-Art_Muralpraktik, via Trendhunter, as seen on Art Is Everywhere


I should have put Trend Hunter on my blogroll a long time ago because I get so much interesting info from this source. This time I discovered “25 Eye Catching Murals,” so I posted a few visual screen shots here that are worth exploring on your own.

Trendhunter_Murals1 as seen on Art Is EverywhereTrendhunter_Murals2 as seen on Art Is EverywhereTrendhunter_Murals3 as seen on Art Is EverywhereWhile exploring, I got so caught up in other images that it was fun to drift around on this site and discover wild and wacky things that are equally innovative as they are humorous and inspirational.

Remember the days of finger painting? Now you can avoid the mess and “paint” with this fabric.

Fabric_FingerPainting_Trendhunter1, Art is Everywhere

Fabric_FingerPainting_Trendhunter2, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

You can learn about a new concrete cloth that can be used for commercial as well as military purposes.

ConcreteCloth_Trendhunter, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Unusual billboards such as this “Fake Sky” for Berger Paints caught my attention. I think my brother, who is in the billboard business might like this innovative way to advertise, but I bet it is expensive and difficult to install.

FakeSkyPainting_Trendhunter as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Since I like this billboard’s visual effect, the optical illusion curtain also caught my attention.

Optical-IllusionCurtains_Trendhunter, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Thought provoking public service announcements here can’t help but grab your attention. I also like Trendhunter’s public rating system and photo gallery with related pictures but getting back to the original post isn’t all that easy.

PSAs_Trendhunter as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Finally (and I could go on and on, there is so much to see), since I am traveling back from the beach, I’m disappointed I didn’t see this post at the start of my trip. If I only had thought about getting sunburned as an art, rather than missing random spots with my sunscreen.

Tan-Man_SunburnArt_Trendhunter, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Bookshelf Design

I must have books on my mind because that is what I try to catch up on while on vacation. Lately, I’ve been getting audiobooks through audible because I can listen while doing other things but I have hard copies to read. So what to do with them once I return? We have so many books that I make my husband take any that he’s never going to use again down to the used books thrift store, every time he buys new books. Storage is a commodity where we live.

Here are some wild and wacky bookshelf storage solutions, if I ever want to redesign.

Bookcase3_main via Existing Visual, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Creative Bookshelves, via Existing Visual

And when we truly run out of room, just expand.

Bookcase3_2 via Existing Visual, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Expanding Bookshelf, via Existing Visual

Radiohead (again), Jigsaw Falling into Place, seems to make sense for this post and Kick-Starting the weekend. I like this song but I had to laugh when I saw the video as it made “trying to hold a book on your head” operate on a whole other level.

On another note, I cannot believe I have a 22 year old son! Piers, my oldest son just celebrated a birthday. I remember when he was a 6 week early preemie coming into this world amid a lot of surrounding complications. He’s proved that it all works out eventually.

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