Veterans & Flags

In a belated tribute to US Veterans, here are some murals that pay tribute — to thank them for their service and to welcome them back home.

Art Is Everywhere_NYC Flag Mural

via Jazz

Artist Scott LaBaido paints flags as a tribute to the military. He often paints murals in conjunction with actor Gary Sinise’s concerts, which also honor and offer support to the US military personnel through his foundation.

Scott LaBaido flag mural on Art Is Everywhere

via Fayetteville Observer

This is a great iconic image  with a colorful update.

Art Is Everywhere_NYC Veterans Mural

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A Gumbo of Goodies

Upon just getting back from vacation, I’ve assembled a quick and easy yet delightful mix of links — a gumbo of goodies to try.

We discussed revisiting berry picking as a possible family trip to the Rappahannock, which is where we used to take the boys when they were younger and where Piers and his girlfriend visited recently. They also went on a Virginia Vineyard tour, which can be another trip for this fall to consider. This newly discovered app will be interesting to use: “Uncovering George Washington’s Youth,” which I always thought was Pope’s Creek Plantation, where we have been. It is just down the road from Westmoreland Berry Farm, our favorite place to go berry picking.

While there, I don’t imagine we’ll see fall color like this but wouldn’t it be nice!! This was Stumbled Upon via Delightful’s post 10 Most Unbelievable Places in the World, which you’ll have to visit to see more — truly spectacular!

Amazing places in world on AIE

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Amazing places in world on AIE

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

Amazing places in world on AIE

Street in Bonn, Germany

Finally, try this fun thing to do — another Stumble upon find. A little addictive. No matter where you point your cursor, a picture with someone pointing to it can be found via Pointer Pointer. Freaky and how do they do that?!!

Pointer-pointer1_AIE Pointer-pointer2_AIE



Nola’s Top Chef

While I’m on vacation this week, I wanted to leave you with something delicious to think about and something entertaining to look forward to. I just learned that Bravo’s Top Chef show is preparing for their new season this October by visiting local restaurants and culinary talent in New Orleans to acquire their competitors. The competitors have already been selected by Padma Lakshmi. These shows may be more interesting like a documentary than the actual competition. All the episodes can be viewed in sequence on The contestants will come together to get judged on their culinary ability like making a dish strictly “from what they find in garbage dumpster” in New Orleans! Really?! A bit contrived, but what do you expect? This is “reality” TV afterall.

Here’s a prequel:

I don’t watch this show and may not even watch this one but it made me think of the GREAT and I mean nowhere-can-compare food in New Orleans! I’m spoiled in that I grew up on jambalaya, shrimp and grits and crawfish and so many other delectibles (don’t even mention the desserts) that cannot be found anywhere else and are hard to replicate with authenticity as many a restaurant may try.

I found one, however, Acadiana in DC. I love the name because it reminds me of “Acadia” what Andrew Lytle used to refer to when speaking of untouched Agrarian Southern Culture and territory as “Heaven”. Acadiana is the actual Cajun French region of Louisiana. I have been wanting to go to this restaurant since Katrina took everything I remembered (at that time) away from my beloved New Orleans. Acadiana opened about a month after “The Storm” — fantastic marketing!! It has been a popular place ever since and many other restaurants have joined its network.

Acadiana Restaurant_Art is Everywhere

We tried it for Piers’ 25th birthday. This was our same view into the restaurant from out table closer to the front entrance. It was a fabulous dinner! We started with Sazeracs, the official cocktail of New Orleans. I had a Big Easy since it had rum and evidently Friday, August 16 was National Rum Day. It was OK but I like a Vieux Carré better — our new drink of the season.

Acadiana Restaurant_Art is Everywhere

After cocktails, we moved to an assortment of fried green tomatoes (the only thing that was just OK), boudin balls (superb) and roasted oysters. The latter are not my favorite because I won’t eat oysters unless they are cooked and I admit, I like mussels better but these were excellent. My father’s favorite thing was oysters on the half shell. I just never acquired that tasting gene I guess.

For the menu, we had a trio of classic New Orleans soups to try: crab & corn, turtle and a chicken andouille sausage gumbo. We all had fish: Crispy Catfish and Blackened Redfish with a rich yellow bean and rice (take on red beans and rice) sauce. We finished with a flight of amaros. Fantastic!! I will go back and recommend. They did an excellent job on their own take on the classics like grillards and grits instead of grits and grillards, etc. They even printed out Happy 25th Birthday menus for us all and wrapped one for Piers to take home upon leaving.


Bring it on Top Chefs! The art may be in the preparation of the food, but I’ll be thinking of more authentic, classic and just plain good — without all the needed hype or fuss — New Orleans cuisine, while they may be trying just too hard to impress.

Something to “See” in NOLA?

Notices of exhibits show up in my alerts but my mother also forwards from New Orleans, since she’s there and sees it first.

This one “caught my eye” and would be one I’d like to see, Self Portrait of and by 73 year old artist Pat Steir at the Newcomb Art Gallery. Unfortunately, I was late in posting and the exhibit has already gone but worth taking a look at and reading more via this Times Picayune link.

self portrait_Pat Steir on Art Is Everywhere

I’m not too sure about this second one being my cup of tea but I find the Rashaad Newsome’s premise regarding heraldry and his visual perspective on 21st century pop culture in his artwork interesting. King of Arms is at the New Orleans Museum of Art (one of my favorite places), June 21 – September 21. So you’ve got time to explore and listen to the Baroque choral music combined with rap that accompanies his pieces.

Rashaad Newsome_Doug MacCash photo on Art Is Everyhwere

When I first saw this photo, I immediately thought of the Mardi Gras Indians and the bling they use for their most bedazzling costumes. I also thought of the type of gilding that takes place in iconic portraiture for halos and artwork mainly for churches.


The Four Freedoms

In light of this past Monday’s Memorial Day, I thought it would be appropriate to post murals of  Norman Rockwell’s famous iconic paintings, The Four Freedoms. These images represent the American values that he felt embodied enduring freedoms of:  Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, Freedom From Want, and Freedom From Fear.

Norman Rockwell four freedom murals on Art Is Everywhere

The town of Silverton, OR commissioned local artist David McDonald to reproduce the famous paintings as murals in 1993, to mark the fiftieth anniversary in which they were originally painted. We can still look at them today to say although times have changed the importance of the freedoms that they represent have not. We can thank those who have served in our military to fight for America and to ensure and protect our freedoms. Although Memorial Day in only one day to give thanks we can give tribute daily in the lives we live by safeguarding and not taking for granted these freedoms we hold so dear.

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Silverton Freedom Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Fly your flag!

American Flag on Art Is Everywhere

Paarrk de Carr and Look Around da Corrna

My unofficial tribute to Boston. A little humor can go a long way to help ease some pain the people there have been experiencing but I hope these few murals will pay respect with their high impact visuals.

Marathon Runners:

Kent Twitchell's Marathon Runners in Los Angeles parking lot via juxtapoz, seen on Art Is Eveyrhwere

Kent Twitchell’s Marathon Runners in Los Angeles parking lot

Beautiful and well executed murals in a Sarasota parking garage. Each floor has its own theme.

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota. All different floor themes.

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Palm Ave Garage Murals in Sarasota, as seen on Art Is Everywherer

Newberry Street Mural in Waltham, Massachusetts by native artist, Joshua Winer. With his effort, he hopes to replace graffiti with ornate “sense of place” murals to help empower the community.

Newberry Street Mural by Joshua Winer as seen on Art is Everywhere

Cherry Blossoms have Blossomed

Lately The Washington Post has been featuring artistic photography. This one of the Cherry Blossoms is inspirational.

Cherry Blossoms via Washington Post on Art Is Everywwher

It’s really hard to take a photo that you haven’t seen before of such a popular event as the Cherry Blossoms blooming around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Like Mardi Gras, it’s a time when I don’t visit this local festival often but have in the past. This photo was unusual and almost looked surreal with it’s unique depiction of the event and at night. Evidently I wasn’t the only one to think so…

Cherry Blossoms via the Washington Post on Art Is Everywhere

Response to the above photo

The Post has had some inspirational photos lately, like these as well. They were taken when we were supposed to get a heavy snowfall when instead, we got rain. Good thing, I wasn’t ready for snow even though we didn’t have a lot of it. It’s just that it’s April and spring is supposed to be here.

Washington Post photo via Art Is Everywhere

Washington Post photo via Art Is Everywhere

As seen through a car window

On a completely other note. This is a few days after my 25th wedding anniversary (forgot to post earlier). Eventually, we’ll celebrate it the right way — with more fanfare and inviting family and friends to join in the celebration!! In the meantime, with recent events in Boston, it’s time to cherish the ones we love.



Art @ Islip

I’m always looking for examples of art on my travels. I found some in an unexpected place during my most recent business trip to Long Island, NY. I was passing through Islip’s MacArthur Airport and ran across these murals. This first one was very welcoming, as it greets as all the passengers as they disembark the plane to go and retrieve their luggage. This is one of the first things they see.

1_Islip Airport mural on ArtIsEverywhere

Being surrounded by water reminded me that this community was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Little did I know I’d find more artwork in the most unexpected of places — the ladies’ restroom! Tiles of children’s artwork line the walls.

1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere

These are all so endearing that you can’t help but stop and linger and wonder, “What goes through a child’s mind?”

1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere
1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere

But I was getting distracted and had to get on with business but no place was left untouched — even the stall was adorned! Love this one that reads “Mommy helped too.” How incredibly precious and hard to believe that such treasures are in everyday places.

1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere

Many in the Long Island community work in NYC and its residents have some of the largest numbers of police and firemen. 9-11 is never far from this community’s heart and soul. They are very patriotic people.

1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere

The beach is never far from their mind, which is also nearby and provides NYC with its prime getaways.

1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere

Kids’ artwork just makes me happy. I walked out feeling not only relieved but filled with joy as all this artwork in such an unexpected place uplifted my spirits with the energy of innocence and simple pleasures to enjoy. What a delightful surprise!

1_Islip Airport artwork on ArtIsEverywhere

With Easter just around the corner, these simple pleasures in life should be savored and reminds me that life should never be taken for granted, especially in our busy hustle of everyday living, where so much can get overlooked.

Colored Cabs on a Watercolor Street

Rather than just green on this St. Patty’s Day, consider the proposed colors for DC’s taxi cabs but what if they were truly colorful as depicted here, wrapped in Pantone colors?

Pantone cabs_via Washington Post_AIE

But if these aren’t the way they will look, will it matter if streets look this watercolor perfect on a rainy day? These photos were taken through the windows of cars and shown in the Washington Post recently.

watery-world_ via WP_Art Is Everywhere

Rain photo2_Washington Post_Art Is Everywhere

And readers like the artistic interpretation.

Rain photo2-re_Washington Post_Art Is Everywhere

Next time you’re in a car and it’s raining, pull out your cell phone camera.

Boutique Birthday Update

But what about the actual birthday, you may ask, as a follow up to the last post? Well, it was another surprise at one of our favorite restaurants, Vermilion, right down the street from us.

Vermillion_Art Is Everywhere

I had called in advance to let them know that Piers, our oldest son, would be joining us for drinks and to please seat us somewhere that would accommodate this. We arrived and Peter saw an empty 2-seater table in the window downstairs, which he wanted. The hostess asked, “Will a third party still be joining you?” Peter was confused of course and said, “huh, no let’s sit at that table.” She said that they had us upstairs. A little Italian, you messin’ with me attitude started to get in his craw and I just diffused it by saying, “I think they already have us situated upstairs and that other table is reserved.” I explained to the hostess on the way up that our son was still joining us but just for drinks.

Vermillion_Art Is Everywhere

Piers showed up just after our Vieux Carrés arrived and Peter was very surprised. They know how to fix a good drink. Best one I’ve tasted in a while. I like them better than Sazeracs and felt transported back to my New Orleans hometown. I think Piers showing up was the highlight. Of course we wanted him to stay for dinner just not to order their Tasting Menu. Peter completed his meal with a special birthday single-serving, apple pie tart with a candle and profiteroles (part of his Tasting Menu). They do not disappoint at Vermilion.

vieux-carre_via Art-of-drink on Art Is Everywhere

Classic Vieux Carré is described quite accurately + with recipe on Art of Drink

The establishment has seen a lot of change over the years but this restaurant has proved its staying power with a top notch chef and lucky-for-us, just listed in the paper today as being one of the Obamas’ favorite restaurants, which may impact us being able to dine there. I also like their décor. Stephanie Babin, one of the original owners and also from Louisiana, has done a good job giving it a funky New Orleans vibe but I’d call it “bordello hip” with the flocked damask wallpaper panels and lots of red. If you want to take a virtual tour, click here.

The Bar at Vermillion on Art Is Everywhere

The Bar at Vermilion reminds me of Mardi Gras!

Meanwhile, we are off to meet friends for drinks, at Vermilion! Lucky for us, we scooped in and got the banquet in the back of the bar.

Vermillion_Art Is Everywhere

Just one more thought, I’m thinking about my 25th wedding anniversary this year and thought having a party here would be perfect!

Special events via Vermillion, on Art Is Everywhere

Special events via Vermilion – Wow!

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