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…to Monday’s post about Snow, Snow and more Snow, here are a few pictures that my Venetian cousins sent of Venice sadly under water but beautiful with a dusting of snow. There’s lots of snow going around.

Venetian Church Doors with Snow. Photo © by Pietro deScarpis

Venice under Snow. Photo © by Pietro deScarpis

Venice with Snow. Photo © by Piertro deScarpis

A music link to Patricia Snyder’s Snowbound to Kick Start Your Weekend, as we’ll be digging out:

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be skiing during this blizzard:

Here’s an art opportunity that I wanted to mention before it’s too late. The City of Seattle is looking for artists to paint murals on 46th Street. Click on this Fremont Universe link for details. Applications are due by February 19th.

Silent Monks Sing

Merry Christmas!  Here’s an appropriate video that hopefully will bring laughter and joy in the spirit of the season and Kick Start your weekend.

Check Monday’s upcoming post for a few more scenes from the blizzard that hit us early last week and stranded my son in the Nashville airport. Surprisingly, my husband was able to make it back from Copenhagen. I later learned that they were only allowing international flights to land. My older son will be back by the time of this post and fortunately we’ll have our family together for Christmas. That’s a very good gift right there.

Snow Half Way Up Window. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

As I was clearing out stuff I ran across this image. Angels sing on high. I thought it was a wonderful print. It’s from artwork and the National Cathedral.

Angels Sing on High. Photo by David Marks via Washington Post

I’ve long been a fan of Janet Shearer’s beautiful artwork. Here’s a most recent and fitting example of her trompe l’oeil Nativity mural on the wall in Blisland Inn & Pub in Cornwall, England. Beautiful!

Janet Shearer\'s Nativity Mural. Photo by Murray Sanders

Hope your Christmas is filled with joy of the season.

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