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20 year Tribute

Monday, March 16th, 2009

This is a hard post to write, especially before the fact, so I couldn’t do it last night. I am trying to emotionally prepare myself for having to put our 20 year old cat, Dolce, to sleep. Dante, our 13 year old cat, died around this time last year on his own at home, but it was painful. I thought Dolce would go before him, but after throwing an embolism at the vets just from getting a urine sample last week, I brought her home and she perked up and even walked down and up the basement stairs. She’s in renal failure but she continues to defy all odds. Our vet wanted me to put her down right then and there but I felt that after living 20 years, she deserved to die at home. Luck has been on her side. When I saw her at the pound she was in a litter of three kittens but I couldn’t take more than one. When I went back to pick her up the next day, they had put the other two to sleep because they had colds. She is my family’s first pet — almost as old as my oldest son. We’re having another vet who makes house calls come by today. We’ve comforted her this past week and I even asked one of my photoshop gurus to come by with his wife, who runs a pet sitting service, to help me administer fluids. They were lifesavers. The bag is now empty but Dolce continues to eat tuna, although she’s starting to turn away, and she’s drinking water. Her body is shutting down and she can barely walk. She looks like she’s just had enough. I have a lot of respect for her will to live and strength. She’s never been a complainer. In fact, we named her for her mild temperament. She’s transformed from a somewhat scared pound cat to an independent, wise, old lady cat. I’ll be sad without her keeping me company, but it is in her best interest to stop her misery. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make as a pet owner. Although we will no longer have any pets when she is gone, except our leporinus fish — just not the same, and I will be outnumbered by males in the house, I will continue to reflect affectionately on her many years of companionship and joy that she’s brought our family. It’s hard to believe this time is finally here.

Dolce as a kitten. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

dolce by water. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

She taught our younger cat how to drink from the watering can. I had just happened to leave it filled from watering the plants and she found this to be a great opportunity. I left it filled all the time thereafter.

My son Jackson took some great photos of her. He’s got the creative eye.

dolce. Photo by Jackson Spencer

dolce on sofa. Photo by Jackson Spencer

dolce -- I\'ve had it look. Photo by Jackson Spencer

dolce sleeping. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

dolce-sketch by C. Ashley Spencer

It’s a very quiet and still day…doves cooing, birds chirping. You can sense spring is right around the corner, but it’s about to rain. There is a solemness in the air that just makes you want to appreciate the moment. It’s called Peace.

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