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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

There are many things to celebrate right now — weddings, Birthdays and funerals (in memoriam), to name a few — all prompted in thought by a wonderful meal.

My husband and I had an unusual meal at Cava Mezze in the 8th Street Corridor area in DC recently. The meal was exceptional. The atmosphere was hip and hoppin’. We ate outside, which was just as well because when our flaming cheese arrived, the waiter could spritz it with lemon without dousing anyone nearby.

Mezze means small plates in Greek. The concept for this restaurant is similar to tapas but fortunately, the portions are much larger. The menu is organized by categories, for instance, a choice of types of cheese plates, main-meat, grain and vegetarian. An easy-to-do but decidedly-different-tasting, tomato paste spread with crushed red chili peppers and olive oil arrived to our table to start. I’m going to try this at home.

Cava Chili spread_mezze_AIE

We ordered saganaki, a cheese dish I had never heard of with Kefalograviera cheese flamed in cognac and fresh lemon squeezed on top at table side. Wow! The smell was divine and the flavors were sweet and dessert-like. Then the spicy lamb sliders came and went. They were delicious and filling. We had to get at least one recognizable Greek dish like spanakopita, spinach and feta in a Greek phylo triangle, which I love. I would highly recommend this place. I took a few pictures but of course they did not come out, so here are some from the restaurant.

Mezze, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

I was trying to get this mural seen below, that is also at the Capital Hill location but drats too dark. This is a much better visual.

Cava mezze as seen on Art Is Everywhere

The 8th Street Corridor (Barracks Row, as it is called) has come a long way. Here are some pictures of how it has been cleaned up and is now a popular place to be. I remember when it was dangerous even with the Marine Barracks nearby. Here, you can see clean sidewalks, outdoor restaurants, people lining up for the Friday night Tattoo performance and hip stores to try.

8th Street Corridor_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere blog

Military Tattoo_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

HomebodyDC_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

As we were eating this meal in this lovely location with gorgeous, unseasonal, beach-like weather outside, I couldn’t help but think how life is a beautiful celebration through food, through serendipitous moments, through events.

Monday, two weeks ago, was my son Jackson’s 20th birthday. How can that be? Where did the time go, really?! I keep this photo in my office to remind me of what a cute kid he was and now he’s past a milestone, out of the teenage years.

Jackson-hug_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

This weekend my good friend Liza was married for the second time, after her first husband passed away. There are many things to celebrate about this, most importantly is that love was chosen. I was the matron of honor and hope I did the role justice.

Wedding celebration as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Murals at The Anderson House, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Some rooms at the reception were wrapped in murals

Finally, this was the first year that the hydrangea bloomed in a section of my Memory Garden in tribute to my father. It was given to me by dear “drinking” buddies, who also celebrate life. This was the 5th year of his death so perfect timing with its blossoms to commemorate a life well lived.

Hydrangea Blooming1_2012_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Hydrangea Blooming1_2012_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Cheers! It’s time to celebrate!

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Conversations @ Dancing on YouTube

Monday, July 27th, 2009

OK, you may have seen the wedding video of the attendants and bride and groom dancing their way down the aisle on YouTube. I thought it was pretty cool too, especially the faux Slow Mo part (which the news clips seem to leave out). What I’m more fascinated by is the viral wave that took over after it was posted (July 19th). The couple was featured on Good Morning America; there was a story about it the Washington Post and they were featured on ABC’s Nightly News that night (July 24th). That’s pretty crazy. If they aren’t publicists they should be.

The conversation came up about this at dinner that night. My older son, Piers, mentioned the “Where the Hell is Matt?” video craze on YouTube. “What, you haven’t seen it yet!?”….”No, I’m just your cave mom, must be living in the dark.” But, I’m happy he told me about it because it has more viewers (over 22 million) than the wedding video (nearly 5 million) and is more interesting as far as the internal wave that took over to get it produced with “fans” joining him to dance in the 42 countries that he visited over 14 months. Culturally, it’s also entertaining, like N. Korea, New Guinea and Japan among others and artistically, there must have  been a lot of editing to get the end result.

Then, I mentioned how I also saw a piece on the news regarding a musical documentary of sorts that started with SXSW recording a street musician singing “Stand by Me” in Chicago and then other musicians and vocals were taped in New Orleans, Spain, Russia, South Africa and others and their tracks were added to create one piece. I thought this was a creatively cool concept; plus, I always liked this song.

Then, the conversation was abruptly dismissed by my 17 year old, Jackson, saying, “Yeah, but it was cheesey, kinda like Bono’s world peace or we are the world”….Teenagers. He hasn’t seen the Matt one yet….Well, then we got on world peace and racism and the latest headlines in the news, much to his chagrin. :)

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