LusterStone Gold Finish

This LusterStone finish brings out the shimmery gold and old world styling based on the damask in the client’s chair.

The treatment is soft, subtle and sophisticated, as seen in these photos, particularly once the homeowner’s furnishings are added.

The sheen has a velvety appearance that reflects iridescent gold tones during different times of the day.

Brushed On and Textured Finishes

Before: Living Room with outdated painting needs some updating

After: Choosing a textured, charred gold, LusterStone treatment creates an Old World finish that adds depth and sophistication to the room. Now the walls have the aged character and suede like sheen to match the antique velvet, damask chairs. Not to mention, the treatment glimmers in the natural sunlight and takes on a magical luminosity in the evening by the light of the crystal chandelier.

LusterStone Living Room Detail by Ashley Spencer


LusterStone Living Room Fireplace Wall by Ashley Spencer

LusterStone Living Room View by Ashley Spencer

LusterStone Living Room by Ashley Spencer

LusterStone Treatment by Ashley Spencer

LusterStone Living Room 2 by Ashley Spencer

View the video transformation.

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