Kitchen Island Glazing Close Up

Finishes • Cabinet Finishes • Close Up Finish Kitchen Island Glazing Close Up Click here to view the completed before and after transformation of a kitchen island and a dining room buffet.

Cabinet and Buffet Glazing

Finishes • Cabinet Finishes • Before & After Transformations • Close Up Finish Cabinet and Buffet Glazing  Before: Kitchen Island cabinetry and dining room buffet appeared too high contrast in comparison to the rest of the finishes and room furnishings. The client wanted her kitchen island cabinetry to blend in better with the granite countertop […]

Pumpkin Colored Colorwash Transformation

Pumpkin Colored Colorwash Before: A deep dark red living room. Red, even though it is in the warm color family can be somber. After: New butternut and pumpkin paint colors with colorwashing enliven and brighten the space. Colorwashing breaks up dull, flat, solid paint color and makes this living room a cheerful, warm and welcoming […]

Restoring Decorative Finishes from Water Damage

Repair & Restoration: Restoring Decorative Finishes from Water Damage Once this beautiful French inspired wall finish was matched, both with the color and the custom application, the room was restored back to it’s original stately glamour. Other finishes that were damaged included the kitchen. Here’s the finished look once the previous 4 layers of finish […]

Glazed Aged Finish Samples

Close up view of Glazed Aged Finish Samples Click the links below to see these completed projects: French Country Cabinets Brushed-on Glazed Cabinets Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets     << Go back to the Finishes Page.

Shimmer Stone

Faux Finish • Some Sample Finishes Shimmer Stone

Guest House

Finishes • Design Showhouses • Close Up: Guest House Spring 2004, Del Ray, Virginia   Click the Guest House hyperlink to read more about its worthwhile cause.   << Go back to the Design Showhouses Page.

Belle Haven Home & Garden Tour

Belle Haven Home and Garden Tour 2004, Alexandria, Virgina Includes: Wavy Foyer Stripes, Faux Padded Harlequin, Faux Linen decorative finishes and a handpainted Garden Gate Design Before:  A lost entry… After:  Gains presence with curvy, pearled metallic stripes with copper edges. The pearled glaze emboldens the space with a shimmering glow and welcomes any visitor […]

Brushed-on Metallic & Modern Finishes

Contemporary Finishes: Elegant Brushed-On Metallic Modern finishes are the perfect backdrop for a contemporary setting. Here’s what the room looked like before with builder’s basic white walls.   << Go back to the Finishes Page.

Eggplant Colorwash

Eggplant Colorwash creates a dramatic atmosphere as a decorative painted finish. << Go back to the Finishes Page.