Whale Mural and Wave Elements painted by C. Ashley Spencer

Whales Sail the Bathroom Waves

Murals • Before After Transformations Whales Sail the Bathroom Waves My client wanted to spruce up her boys' bathroom while adding a whimsical design that matched a soft blue and white color scheme. The inspiration for whales sailing upon bathroom waves came from the shower curtain and an … Continue reading
Murall Window into Provence with frame_by C. Ashley Spencer

A Perpetual Window Looking onto Provence

My client had a wonderful idea -- for me to paint a scene from Provence in France to give as a grateful thank you gift to her friend (who loves France) and for taking care of her daughter for some time. I had some salvaged windows that I thought we could put to use. Together, this is the outcome, a … Continue reading
Colorwash afer - tub area via ashley-spencer.com

A Tuscan Spa Retreat

Finishes • Before & After Transformations • Close up A Tuscan Spa Retreat A typical bathroom got a beautiful renovation and in the process a Tuscan spa-retreat was born. The walls were originally a solid flat yellowish hue. This coordinated with the tile work and curtain decor; however, … Continue reading