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Sequoia has many meanings. It mostly calls to mind the beautiful Redwood Trees in sunny California, the state from which my husband and oldest son just returned. This is also the tree that my father-in-law has growing in his front yard. Needless to say, it is the largest tree on the street, if not in the beach area and may soon be the largest (because it’s still growing), if not only Sequoia, in Rhode Island.

sequoia-11 image via, Art is Everywhere blog
sequoia tree image via

I wonder if his will get big enough to drive a car through? Visiting the Redwoods in Yosemite as a child, I always thought this ability was pretty remarkable.

sequoia image via, on Art Is Everywhere
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The [USS] Sequoia is also the name of the the Presidential Yacht — until it was sold to a private owner and then repurchased by the US Government to be used for event rentals — when not being used by The President and his family. A little side note:  the private owner of this glamorous yacht purchased an auction item to use my illustration services nearly 25 years ago. We coordinated but unfortunately, he never used it.

USS Sequoia via People. Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais, on Art Is Everywhere blog
USS Sequoia via People. Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Even though these meanings have some personal significance to me, the first thing I think of is Sequoia restaurant located at the Georgetown’s Waterfront. This is where Peter and I like to go on glorious days like this recent weekend, where we sat out on the multi-tiered patio with our beers and relaxing with a pot of jumbo shrimp to peel and eat. It was sunny, about 80 degrees tops with a nice beach-like breeze. Perfect. Many others were doing the same thing, including the wedding party that had rented out the interior just so we could enjoy fun 80’s music. How nice of them. By the way, you can enjoy music by Fred Astaire and Dean Martin and others through their website.

The Waterfront via Sequoia Restaurant
Sequoia Restaurant -interior_Art Is Everywhere blog
The Interior of Sequoia via Sequoia Restaurant

This table, right in front of the column is where we celebrated Piers’ 18th birthday for an early dinner four years ago.

I’ve been saving this ad for Sequoia because I love the blue butterflies that they have added. They are gorgeous and maybe that is because I am partial to blue butterflies.

Sequoia Ad_Art Is Everywhere blog

The harbor is truly magical at night. Here’s a quick sketch that I did near this location from the patio (Mezz bar) on the left but looking in the other direction — opposite of the Kennedy Center and across the Potomac toward Rosslyn. It was late afternoon, so hopefully you can see the boats because there were many kayakers and boaters on the Potomac and others pulling up to dock. Maybe they were coming up for happy hour like we were. How often can you celebrate a gorgeous day like this?

Sketch of Sequoia's Mezz Patio Bar by C. Ashley Spencer, Art Is Everywhere
Sketch of Sequoia’s Mezz Patio Bar by C. Ashley Spencer

Because we are attending an event tonight, Supper Under The Stars,  in our own neighborhood at The King Street Gardens Park (the second post that started my blog and the organization from which I recently “retired” after 7 years of affiliation, even though I’ll still be involved), I think some tropical music is in order to Kick-Start the Weekend. But first a little smooth jazz to get it started, from Al Williams, tonight’s performer.

Supper Under the Stars_via OTBA, on Art Is Everywhere blog

And then let’s kick it up a notch with Tropicallia by Beck:

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