Goyte’s Creative Process

I was surprised by the timing of receiving a google alert regading Goyte and Kimbra — both of who’s music I had heard but didn’t realize the extent of their reach at the time — and then I saw them perform on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

How uncanny. I had just discovered this information on New Digital Landscapes, Word and Art by Walter Smith regarding Goyte’s creative process for producing the song Eyes Wide Open. This documentary is well worth watching to see the in depth strategy and time it took to put this piece together. You would never know upon just listening the amount of work involved but the music has some extra layering and sound pitches that make it unique and the background story makes it all the more interesting.  For instance, I never knew a “musical fence” existed. If you’re ever Down Under, like these artists are, you may want to go try it out yourself.

I’ve been listening to Someone I Used to Know and really liking it but honestly, I didn’t pay attention to who it was by. I certainly didn’t know that Kimbra had collaborated with Goyte on this song and video until they performed together on SNL. Maybe you’ll like the painted “camouflage” mural effect as much as I do (reminding me of Liu Bolin) and the parody that SNL does. On a side note, Goyte reminds me of a young Sting — something about his face and mouth. Enjoy:

And then there is Kimbra, the New Zealand Katy Perry of sorts but with more unusuality to her work, an equally talented singer and performer. I really like her Good Intent song and video. You can Kick Start the Weekend early with this one:

Very cool websites for both but Kimbra’s had me really looking — especially when her eyes moved. Creepy yet clever.

Kimbra website as seen on Art Is Everywhere


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