Boutique Birthday Update

But what about the actual birthday, you may ask, as a follow up to the last post? Well, it was another surprise at one of our favorite restaurants, Vermilion, right down the street from us.

Vermillion_Art Is Everywhere

I had called in advance to let them know that Piers, our oldest son, would be joining us for drinks and to please seat us somewhere that would accommodate this. We arrived and Peter saw an empty 2-seater table in the window downstairs, which he wanted. The hostess asked, “Will a third party still be joining you?” Peter was confused of course and said, “huh, no let’s sit at that table.” She said that they had us upstairs. A little Italian, you messin’ with me attitude started to get in his craw and I just diffused it by saying, “I think they already have us situated upstairs and that other table is reserved.” I explained to the hostess on the way up that our son was still joining us but just for drinks.

Vermillion_Art Is Everywhere

Piers showed up just after our Vieux Carrés arrived and Peter was very surprised. They know how to fix a good drink. Best one I’ve tasted in a while. I like them better than Sazeracs and felt transported back to my New Orleans hometown. I think Piers showing up was the highlight. Of course we wanted him to stay for dinner just not to order their Tasting Menu. Peter completed his meal with a special birthday single-serving, apple pie tart with a candle and profiteroles (part of his Tasting Menu). They do not disappoint at Vermilion.

vieux-carre_via Art-of-drink on Art Is Everywhere

Classic Vieux Carré is described quite accurately + with recipe on Art of Drink

The establishment has seen a lot of change over the years but this restaurant has proved its staying power with a top notch chef and lucky-for-us, just listed in the paper today as being one of the Obamas’ favorite restaurants, which may impact us being able to dine there. I also like their décor. Stephanie Babin, one of the original owners and also from Louisiana, has done a good job giving it a funky New Orleans vibe but I’d call it “bordello hip” with the flocked damask wallpaper panels and lots of red. If you want to take a virtual tour, click here.

The Bar at Vermillion on Art Is Everywhere

The Bar at Vermilion reminds me of Mardi Gras!

Meanwhile, we are off to meet friends for drinks, at Vermilion! Lucky for us, we scooped in and got the banquet in the back of the bar.

Vermillion_Art Is Everywhere

Just one more thought, I’m thinking about my 25th wedding anniversary this year and thought having a party here would be perfect!

Special events via Vermillion, on Art Is Everywhere

Special events via Vermilion – Wow!

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