Steven Spazuk uses a careful burn in fumage technique featured on Art Is Everywere
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A Careful Burn

Steven Spazuk’s artwork is pretty remarkable considering it is a slow and steady process that takes a careful burn.

Steven Spazuk_1_Art Is Everywere
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He creates incredible images through the process of burning paper and the smoke it creates. His portraits are collages assembled with many different burned smokey-square pieces of paper. They give the illusion of a photo-realistic, “Chuck Close-like” painting but with an alternative flare that you just “can’t put your finger on” — at first — until you know it actually is smoke that creates the effect.

Steven Spazuk portraits featured on Art Is EverywereChuck Close uses non-traditional methods to create his artwork as well. Fanny Fingerpainting is one of my favorites, originally created with his fingerprints!

fannyfingerpainting by Chuck Close via National Gallery of Art on Art Is EverywhereSpazuk has done his own painting of Chuck Close (far left in this image below).

Steven Spazuk portraits featured on Art Is EverywereEven Spazuk’s single images have a smokey, ethereal, diaphanous quality.

Steven Spazuk artwork featured on Art Is EverywereHere’s a fabulous video on that shows his process and technique called fumage.

Steven Spazuk fumage featured on Art Is EverywereWith November already here and the cold weather approaching, this makes me want to light a fire…;)

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