Facebook Leads to Floral Murals

I was surprised like most people that David Choe, the graffiti artist who painted murals in the Facebook headquarters back in 2005, will become an immediate millionaire once Facebook goes public with their IPO. He chose to have shares in the company rather than the $60,000 cash for his labor. He sold some of his shares to bring in some cash but kept the rest as stock — a rich investment indeed.

Mr. Choe was interviewed by Barbara Walters and other news programs in the last couple of months. I saved this post to run after all the hubbub because 1) I found it interesting that he didn’t welcome the fame — he was already famous to those who knew his work and liked his lifestyle and 2) although he’s a talented artist, I don’t enjoy his work as much as the other artist that I came across from this Facebook story.

1_Choe Facebook murals_via Bits_Art Is Everywhere blog

Homedit shows Choe’s murals in progression at Facebook’s facility as well as Jet Martinez‘s floral mural. I like his graphic style and rainbow colors + it’s perfect to post for spring — now that is is here — and hopefully to stay.

1_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

2_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

3_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

4_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Here’s one more graphic floral mural that reminds me of my childhood Spirograph days. Love it! This happy sunflower mural by Kelly Placke is part of Roosevelt Row’s sponsorship of Adaptive Reuse of Temporary Space (A.R.T.S.) Program in Phoenix, Arizona as an annual effort to revitalize properties in the downtown area with a public mural program called Valley of the Sunflowers.

Kelly Placke_sunflower mural_via Phoenix Times, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Flowers are sprouting…Life is re-blooming…Happy Easter!

Print on Demand

I  was curious with what has happened with Written Images, a print-on-demand, one-of-a-kind, individual book creation with a compilation of digital art randomly assembled through a computed generated algorithm when ordered. Wow that’s a mouthful!

Here’s the original concept that I first learned about on Trendhunter, which I love as a resource (in my sidebar). The artists have been selected through a juried process and the Written Images project has started their printing with start-up money through Kickstarter, a cool crowdsource funding site for artists. I’ve looked into it as well.

Written Images from d_effekt on Vimeo.

It’s a concept that I’m interested in as my company, Casart coverings does digital printing of custom wall covering as print-on-demand.

We’re getting ready to unveil some pretty cool concepts in new designs and a new Signature Color collection so stay tuned here via our press warehouse and you may want to fan and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Another high tech thing is Art in Design, a  Virtual Art Exhibit app, from VPAP (Virtual Public Art Project), which allows “University students to hold an art exhibit this week in a virtual realm through augmented reality.”

VPAP-Art-in-Design on Art is Everywhere

Art in Design App from VPAP

Here’s an artistic opportunity and call for artists announcement for the Festival of Arts in Wayne County, CA:

The Festival of the Arts is seeking proposals for 2011 public art competition for murals and sculptures. The prizes are $5,000 for best mural and $2,000 for best sculpture for the Festival of the Arts, successor to last year’s Festival of Murals. Mural proposals are due May 27 and sculpture proposals are due June 15.

And finally, brand new music, Supercolider, from Radiohead to Kick Start the Weekend: