A Penumbra Performance

I often overlook trending videos in email promos from YouTube but for some reason this one caught my attention. It’s a pretty spectacular performance from a 13 member, all-Filipino troupe called, El Gamma Penumbra. They perform shadow dances with a message. This one happens to be about the dual character of Mother Nature — both beautiful and powerful.

They were vying to win Asia’s Got Talent, and they did!

Here are more visuals of previous performances leading up to the winning one.

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I recently learned about Momix; however, they have been performing for the past 20 years. They are an innovative modern dance troupe using props, humor and the human body to express themes such as “Orbit,” “Passion,” “Lunar Sea,” which looks amazing and even “Baseball,” among others.

Lunar Sea Show by Momix

Momix Dance Troupe via Washington Post. Photo by Momix

They remind me of Pilobolus. You’ll just have to go to their website to see incredible bodily maneuvers and manipulations and photography. There are so many I like but this one seems fitting in the pumpkin patch, now that Halloween is past and November is upon us. I particularly like the quote on their website from The Washington Post: “The snooterati love to pooh pooh Pilabolus….”

Pilobolus website

I can’t help but think Ambrosia’s A Reminiscent Drive, mixed by Stephane Pompougnac on Hotel Costes, vol 3 would be an appropriate way to segue from these magical dance troupes moves to lounging music to  Kick-start your weekend. I have several of these CD’s and like their hypnotic and soothing musical style.