Murals to Remind us of July 4th Independence

Happy Fourth of July!! I’m posting early because I just realized that my post didn’t run on schedule last week.  I’ll get it ready for the following week. This will be a quick post, as I know you must have picnics to prepare and or celebration plans for this Independence Day.

Just a few murals worth mentioning that should remind us of our American ideals and our ongoing patriotic effort to maintain freedom.

Joe Davis is retired? I don’t think so — painting murals keeps him busy and he must love to do it. I worry about balance as I get older…;)

Fouke_eagle mural_Texarkana Gazette, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Look closely, these murals was made with people — more likely all Americans.

human statue of liberty via Pundit Kitchen, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

political-pictures-world-war-i-living-mural-eagle via Pundit Kitchen, seen on ArtIsEverywhere

political-pictures-world-war-i-living-mural-liberty-bell via Pundit Kitchen, seen on ArtIsEverywhere

Rethinking Your Impression of Wall Murals

I found this blog post that I really like and then I realized that it was all based on the opposite premise of blown up “wall murals.” The post suggested that “most wall murals and decals are pretty cheesy.” Actually, as an artist, decorative painter, muralist and general consumer, I agree; primarily because they are all mostly mass-produced enlarged photo murals, large scale graphics or solid circles stickers, etc. . Most of us don’t want to see these on our walls, especially long term. The DIY Wall Murals post from PW Style displays some pretty cool wall murals as examples, like these.

Wishflower mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

I love wish flowers and this next one reminds me of Rousseau. These both require considerable effort to create — all hand-painted.

Tropical mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

The author may not have realized that there is wallpaper out there that is removable and reusable, can be temporary or long lasting and mimics the hand-painted look, because they are originally hand-painted or illustrated.

flower mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

This large scale flower mural reminds me of our Flower Power Casart wallcovering, which happens to be on sale right now on One Kings Lane!

Casart Flower Power wallcovering, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Casart coverings can give an impression of a mural or art for your walls = Casa + art, which is Casart. If you want a more geometric look, we also have stripes now on the One Kings Lane sale as part of Domino magazine’s Enliven Your Walls event. If you head over to my other Slipcovers for Your Walls blog you can see the demonstration we did at High Point, using stripes in unconventional ways.

I like the illustrated style of this birch mural featured on PW Style.

Birch mural_via PWstyle, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

It reminds me of our Birds & Birch design that comes in 16 different color combinations.

 I moved this post from it’s regular mid-week Wednesday slot to post on Mural Mondays so could also receive this in time of our One Kings Lane sale before it ends on Thursday @ 11am. Don’t blink….

Another post is forthcoming this Wednesday.