Feeling the Arctic Freeze

Here’s a quick post about feeling the recent arctic freeze.

It’s freezing cold outside! If you are on the East Coast, you know, with double-digit negative numbers that we’ve experienced!!

Fortunately, in the DC area, we’re not digging out of snow, although, I wish we were!

Instead, I’ll post the first frozen image of our fountain. This was from a month ago when it was only 32 degrees. I thought the swirling formations were really unusual and I wasn’t sure what would have caused them particularly since the fountain wasn’t running.

Look closely, is it just organic swirls, or God’s way of saying, “Hey, humans, you can’t control this weather. My finger is on the trigger!” Do you see a thumb and possible hand? Hmmm…Was this a warning of the arctic freeze to come…?

Frozen fountain or miraculous thumb print on Art Is Everywhere

Frozen fountain or miraculous thumb print?

Fall and winter are some of my favorite months but I have adverse physical reactions to both. Raynauds kicks in when just walking by the frozen food section in the grocery store, so you can imagine what happens when it is negative 10 degrees and feels like negative 20 outside. In fact, I’m postponing an onsite project until it warms a bit because I may not be able to feel the brushes.

Managing the cold could be fun as long as I could stay internally warm.

If I were living in a very cold place, like Iceland, I’d want to enjoy it here, in a Bubble Igloo Hut. It gets a 5-star rating, btw.

I’ll have to finally write about my 2017 Scandinavian heritage trip this year because I’ve already been to Gullfoss waterfall and the Blue Lagoon. The views were exceptional.

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland via Buubble on Art Is Everywhere

Gullfoss Waterfall (with a filter no doubt, but rainbow is actually there) via Buubble

When I return, I think I’ll take this Golden Circle Tour and test the Bubble for viewing the Northern Lights. It’s on my bucket list, which I’m thinking more about accomplishing lately.

An Aurora Borealis Lagoon in Iceland via Buubble on Art Is Everywhere

An Aurora Borealis Lagoon in Iceland via Buubble

It’s either the Bubble Igloo or other top places to stay and watch the Northern Lights.

Like in Finland, where the glass igloo Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located, described on Thrillist.

Kakslauttanen Arctic hotel on Art Is Everywhere

Kakslauttanen Arctic hotel

Either way, I’ll be happy and no longer feeling the arctic freeze.

In the meantime, if you are traveling outside, please take care to prevent freezing.

This Podcast from Outside Magazine is “chilling” and will make you remember how easily it can happen. (Scroll to the bottom to listen to Episode 1, #55 on the list)

Outside Magazine on Art Is Everywhere

Outside Magazine Podcast – Episode 1 the Science of Survival

Also, don’t run in the cold either. Just watch the movie Wind River, and you’ll see what can happen in severe cold. Stay warm. Stay safe.

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Fabulous Fibonacci is Golden Art

I’ve just backed Rafael Araujo’s Kickstarter project to bring his beautiful architectural illustrations to light in an adult coloring book. Araujo is a Venezuelan architect in Caracas, who’s been using the Fibonacci Sequence or Golden Ratio for over 40 years to create his artwork.

Rafael Araujo at work_ Art Is Everywhere

Rafael Araujo at work

The Golden Ratio uses “Phyllotaxis,” which is the tendency in nature for things to grow in spiral patterns. This concept can be seen in mathematically sequenced spirals in seashells and butterflies — two of my favorite things — among many other elements that are found in Nature.

Golden Ratio shell 1_Art Is EverywhereHe’s left all the mathematical plotting points intact to show the diagram of the object he’s illustrating, similar to Leonardi’s famous image of the Vitruvian man, which in this case also shows how the circle and the Golden Ratio Rectangle come together.

Rafael Araujo_Golden Ratio Rectangle Fibonacci Spiral_ArtIsEverywhere

Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man_ArtIsEverywhere

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man via Stanford University

Golden Ratio shell 3_ Art Is Everywhere

Araujo’s shells using the Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio shell 2_Art Is Everywhere

Rafael Araujo_Blue Morpho butterflies_ArtIsEverywhere

Blue Morpho Butterflies in flight by Rafael Araujo

Casart Butterfly Logo2_Art Is Everywhere

Casart coverings Blue Morpho Logo Butterfly

I love the Blue Morpho Butterfly, as you can see above. I took these next two pictures while in Panama. It is one of the most majestic creatures. I was so excited to see them in flight, as well as leaf cutter ants at work. Pretty amazing and mesmerizing.

Blue Morpho Underside wing pattern in Panama_Art Is Everywhere

Blue Morpho Underside wing pattern in Panama

Blurry Blue Morpho eating_AIE

Blurry Blue Morpho eating

Rafael Araujo_Monarch butterflies_ArtIsEverywhere

Araujo’s Monarch Butterflies

I’m loving this coloring book because it epitomizes the apex of where art and science come together. I’m excited to receive one but more importantly, I’m very happy, Mr. Araujo and his printers have already reached their fundraising goal. I’m just pleased to be a part of the effort to bring his exceptional art to others. You can still be a part of the effort too until April 27th, so get on board and surf the Golden Ratio wave!

Golden Ratio Coloring Book_ArtIsEverywhereHere are some more links that may be of interest:

Rafael Araujo’s website

His creative process on Imgur

Math is Fun – The Fibonacci Sequence

A Fun Math Exercise in Your Garden

About the Fibonacci Sequence

Golden Ratio in relation to Fibonacci Sequence

More on Golden Rectangles

Golden Ratio Rectangle_ArtIsEverywhere

Don’t ask me to explain the math, except maybe this is why I like Spirograph so much! 😉