Are You Loving Vincent Too?

Posts, like the one below, were previously published 2 years ago, when the Loving Vincent film was just starting to be produced. Since this time and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the film is now finished and finally available to see in the States. I was lucky to see it recently at the historic Avalon Theater, with this picturesque mural above.

Avalon Theatre Mural-AIE

There hasn’t been another film like this that marries live action with actual painted images (over 65,000 frames and 60,000 paintings) that were painted by 125 classically trained artists in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Rotoscopy technology, layering imagery over live action, was used in the black and white sequences; whereas, the artists imagined what the live action was to be able to paint the color sequences in Vincent’s characteristic, sweeping-brushstroke style. The film’s plot follows a murder mystery about how Vincent died. We imagine Hugh Welchman will win another academy award, if anything for the sheer effort involved!

Click here to find when the film is coming to your town and go to the Theatre List (top tab).

If the film has already aired in your town, you may still be able to watch it on this GoWatch site.

It is visual mastery to see Vincent’s portraits and paintings come to life.

Loving Vincent poster_casartblog

Here’s the trailer:

The Loving Vincent Van Gogh project on Kickstarter is worth your attention — if you love Van Gogh’s paintings.

We think it’s fitting to mention because they will be the backdrop for the first feature-length animated documentary on Vincent Van Gogh’s life — fully visualized and told by his paintings by Break Thru Films.

The project is by Hugh Welchman, the Oscar Award winner for his animated movie, Peter and the Wolf. The crowd-sourcing campaign is seeking a £40,000 goal (about $66,619.76) to

“…allow us to train 40 painters who will then be able to work on the film, bringing the paintings and life of Vincent Van Gogh to swirling life on the big screen!”

At this writing, the project has 229 backers, and is 51% backed with 22 days to go.

Get on board if you Love Art and Vincent Van Gogh!

And a nice way to end this post. Remember this song? It makes more sense when sung with his paintings.


How do you celebrate your 21 year old returning home for a few days for spring break? Well after going out to dinner at The Tasting Room, our neighborhood favorite, Piers, Peter and I (all adults) enjoyed the Disney animated movie, Up by Pixar. We loved it. You’re never too old to watch a movie like this. It was funny, with clever wit, had an interesting story line with a masterful unspoken time line in the beginning and the animation is phenomenal. “Even better than a non animated movie,” Piers noted, probably because we were watching it in HD, which I have to say, makes all the difference. (These stills are screen captures so do not reflect the definition.)

Disney movie Up by Pixar 1_ ArtIsEverwhere blog

Disney movie Up by Pixar 2_ArtIsEverywhere blog

Disney movie Up by Pixar 3_ArtIsEverywhere blog

I’ve been fascinated with Pixar since they came on the scene. I haven’t seen all their movies but Toy Story was fabulous — so clever in dialogue and animated artwork.

Here’s a great link to learn about Pixar’s creative process. It’s amazing to me that each film takes about 4 – 6 years, way more time than a traditional, non-animated movie. So, in someways, although animation gets the kiddie quotient, it should get the respect it deserves — at least the adults in my household appreciate this film format. Here are previous posts on animation.

Note: At the time of writing this post, little was I aware that Up was up (no pun intended) for an Academy Award for Best Animated feature, and was the favorite to win, as well as being nominated for Best Picture — first time for an animated film to be in this category.

Since, we’re back on the Oscar’s, I just happened to find this link on last year’s nominees’ creative process  in their roles for Best Male Actor 2008. I always find this type of information insightful.