Coffee House Murals

Public Art Murals: Coffee House Murals Flying Coffee Cups at The Uptowner in Alexandria, VA   Floating Coffee Cups at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA

Duke Street Pedestrian Concourse

Duke Street Pedestrian Concourse Murals Commissioned and owned by the City of Alexandria, Installation–January 2005 (on display until 2020) Directions: From King Street Metro, walk South towards Duke Street along Metro side sidewalk, toward Carlyle Towers and The Patent and Trade Office Complex. This path will lead directly under Duke Street where six, 4′ x […]

Jefferson Houston School Mural

The Jefferson Houston School Mural is a 50′ long exterior, 14 (4′ x 8′) MDO panel piece. Commissioned in January 2007 by Alexandria City Public Schools to help encourage the kindergarten – 5th grade school children to learn some of their SOL subjects through exposure to art. The mural can be viewed on the playground. […]