Close Up of Aged Mantel Glazing

Finishes • Before & After Transformations • Close Up Finish Close Up of Aged Mantel Glazing Decorative Finish Click here to view the completed before and after transformation of a restored fireplace mantel.

French Country Cabinets

French Country Cabinets  Before:  This kitchen had dark wood cabinets. After: The cabinets were treated with a brushed on, aged finish with distressing. This kitchen reflects the client’s love of French Country. View the video below for this transformation.

Wood: Wax Resist & Crackle

Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets

Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets: Adding a glaze and aging the cabinets helps a country kitchen gain charm. It’s a very subtle addition that makes a big difference. Here’s the finished full view — sunny and inviting. The glaze adds warmth and interest. Before glazing, the kitchen cabinets were builders white and too stark a contrast […]