A Tuscan Spa Retreat

Finishes • Before & After Transformations • Close up A Tuscan Spa Retreat A typical bathroom got a beautiful renovation and in the process a Tuscan spa-retreat was born. The walls were originally a solid flat yellowish hue. This coordinated with the tile work and curtain decor; however, it didn’t complete the true Italian ambiance. […]

Wallpaper Tear Treatment Repair

Finishes • Closeup My clients had an unusual decorative wall treatment made with torn wallpaper. Usually, I’m in the business of creating wallpaper not being called in for a wallpaper tear treatment repair but I enjoyed the challenge. First I had to figure out what the finish was made with and then how to replicate […]

Complicated Stairwell Repair

Finishes • Repair & Restoration Complicated Stairwell Repair There was a lot of patchwork going on in this repair project — about 22 patches and a 12 + foot high stairwell with not a lot of room to maneuver or place a ladder. Also the lighting was minimal at best. My client wanted to paint […]

Multiple Layers of Colorwashing

Close up Finish: Progressive, multiple layers of colorwashing << Go back to the Close up Finishes Page.

Pumpkin Colored Colorwash Transformation

Pumpkin Colored Colorwash Before: A deep dark red living room. Red, even though it is in the warm color family can be somber. After: New butternut and pumpkin paint colors with colorwashing enliven and brighten the space. Colorwashing breaks up dull, flat, solid paint color and makes this living room a cheerful, warm and welcoming […]

Tuscan Colorwash Transformation

Tuscan Colorwash Before: A plain peach bedroom. After: Colorwashing walls give the aged appearance of a home in Tuscany. The clients no longer have to dream as if they were there. Having vacationed in Italy, they can now live their memories in their own home. Bellismo! What can I say, but “Bellisimo“! (by Ilya).

Subtle Colorwashing

Finishes • Some Sample Finishes Subtle Colorwashing

1-2 Coats Colorwash

Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets

Finishes: Cabinet Finishes • Before & After Transformation • Close up Whitewashed kitchen cabinets can dramatically change the look of a dark kitchen to a light, welcoming and visually larger space.     This is what the kitchen looked like before with dark cabinets. The colorwash treatment was applied in layers to allow some wood […]

Eggplant Colorwash

Eggplant Colorwash creates a dramatic atmosphere as a decorative painted finish. << Go back to the Finishes Page.