Cloud Cover

Murals: Cloud Cover This nursery mural had the unusual approach of bringing the clouds onto the walls, which opened up the space and visually makes the walls disappear. This painted ceiling cloud project also has iridescent stars that glows as a constellation for the girl’s birth month.

Prayer Quote and Trompe l’Oeil Cross

Prayer Quote and Trompe l’Oeil Cross Before: Unfinished space for St. Stephens St. Agnes School’s new Meditation & Prayer Room. After: The hand painted, three-color, metallic quote is 14 feet above the floor and is 36 feet long.┬áIt along with the trompe l’oeil cross, above the entry, enhance contemplative reflection. Relax with John Tavener’s music […]

Duke Street Pedestrian Concourse

Duke Street Pedestrian Concourse Murals Commissioned and owned by the City of Alexandria, Installation–January 2005 Directions: From King Street Metro, walk South towards Duke Street along Metro side sidewalk, toward Carlyle Towers and The Patent and Trade Office Complex. This path will lead directly under Duke Street where six, 4′ x 6′ murals and six […]

Turret Ribbons Add Visual Interest to a Challenging Space

Handpainted Turret Ribbons Before: Solid color with no added interest. The turret provided a decorating challenge. After: Handpainted ribbons flow from top of turret down to walls to coordinate with curtain fabric, wall color, decor and add visual interest for this unusual space.  

New Orleans Patio with Tom Cat Mural

Murals: New Orleans Patio with Tom Cat Mural    

Horse in Stable Outdoor Mural

Murals: Horse in Stable Outdoor Mural  

Stenciled Bamboo

Murals: Stenciled Bamboo  

Japanese Print Dining Room Mural

Murals: Japanese Print Dining Room Mural  

Ceiling Clouds & Lattice

Murals: Ceiling Clouds & Lattice  Individual Butterflies can be purchased as well as a composite and a Dove as removable and reusable Casart wallcoverings.

Sea Life Mural

Murals: Sea Life Mural