Wedding Invitations

Thanks! Everyone who has received the invitations has said how beautiful your lettering is and that they have never seen invitations so lovely!

Caligraphy Project Testimonial

..I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart [for all the calligraphy].  You were so professional…

Wedding Invitations

Your invitations were absolutely gorgeous and I’m receiving all the RSVP’s and it’s amazing how many people are mentioning how lovely they were…

Invitation Graphics

Audacious, Awesome, Artist, Ashley. Thanks again [and] can’t thank you enough or the phenomenal contribution. So proud and pleased with the kick off. The graphics mean so much to me. They were appreciated across the board…Again, Ashley, just can’t thank you enough. Thanks for sharing your time and talent. Ciao, Skipp.

Irish Mural Project

I was just sitting here looking at the painting [you painted of the Irish mural scene behind a window] and wanted to let you know how many compliments you received.  Everyone really liked it and raved about it.

Pencilled Baby Portrait

Wanted to call and let you know how absolutely much we just adore this [portrait]…It’s so special to us and it’s going to be so special to us for all of our lives…It looks just like her and it’s just beautiful…The detail is just so magnificent.  You did a really, really good job.  My husband […]

Audrey Testimonial

I have gotten tons of compliments on your work…Thanks again for doing this for us–we love it.

Chairs and Table Refinishing

I just had to call you and let you know how thrilled [we] are with the chairs and table.  They just look better every day. We’ve had tons of compliments and if you ever need me for a reference, do not hesitate!  I just had to let you know how happy we are. Thank you.

Porch Floor Harlequin

…Just wanted to let you know that the porch looks great!  I really appreciate you being sporting and willing to try it the other way when you had already finished it one way.  But I think it looks a lot better given the size of the space and the big diamonds.  And I like the […]

Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets

We had some guests over the other night and they said, “Oh, you got new cabinets, ” and we said, “No, we had them painted”…and they were amazed.  I just love walking into the kitchen now.