Shazam! Snow, Snow & More Snow

Shazam! The Saints won the Superbowl!…I’m still in shock! And Wow what a snow storm we had over the weekend, over two feet and another storm is on the way this Tuesday. This might hamper the meeting I’m hosting for my entrepreneurial women’s group. I’ve ordered my King Cakes but I’m not sure they’ll be able to get here or if the ladies can with already impassable, unplowed streets. Just some uncertainties to worry about but for now, we’re enjoying the snow.

starting-to-snow_09_2010_ArtIsEverywhere. Photo by Peter Spencer
snow2_11-2010_blog.ArtIsEverywhere. Photo by Peter Spencer

snow3_11_2010_2blog. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo by Peter Spencer

A winter wonderland.

trees-in-snow_-blog0096.ArtIsEverywhere. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

snow2010_street20_blog.ArtIsEverywhere. Photo by Peter Spencer

We walked down to some friends’ house to have dinner and no one was on the roads. There was a little more activity when we got to the heart of town and power lines down across some streets.

nooneonstreet_27_snow2010_blog. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo Peter Spencer

OldTownSnow2010_30blog. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo by Peter Spencer

oldtownstreets_snow2010_36_blog.ArtIsEveywhere. Photo Peter Spencer

oldtownhouse_snow2010_36blog.ArtIsEverywhere. Photo Peter Spencer

LinesDown_snow2010_42blog. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo Peter Spencer

WalkingBack_snow2010_41blog. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo Peter Spencer

We may build another one, but here’s my initial attempt to sculpt a snow butterfly. This is how we used the twig branches from the downed limb that just missed my husband’s car. It looks like a funky bug, so I’ll see if I can turn this into a caterpillar.

snow_butterfly_blog0097. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo  C. Ashley Spencer

snow_butterfly_blog0100. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo C. Ashley Spencer

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