Rainbow Wood

When I saw this picture of striped, rainbow-colored, wooden bowls in my April issue of House Beautiful magazine, I was immediately reminded that I have a similarly designed coffee spoon that I use everyday, thanks to Aunt Sue. I never really thought of it artistically but its design is just that and a woodcraft artisan must have made it. Again, art and design, in this case functional art, combined. That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking with it. How lovely these rainbow-wood designs are. Now I’d like to get the bowls. They are found at whisknyc.com ($6 for a 3″ bowl). It’s rather interesting to discover that there is a Williamsburg connection to this store. My older son, Piers, goes to UVA, a rival school to William & Mary in Williamsburg. Recalling the family trip we took there, I’ve always thought this town was charming; however, Piers just couldn’t get the Colonial reenactors out of his mind when applying there. For all you foodies out there, I just clicked on this link to learn they have a Julia Child scented candle. I can help but find this funny. Hmmm, might be better to say, Julia Child inspired candle, don’t you think? OK that reminds me, I need to see the movie, Julia & Julia. Even my husband has seen it before me. Well, I might add he was on a flight to Copenhagen, so what else was there to do?

Rainbow Wooden Bowls_ House Beautiful_ArtIsEverywhere blog.jpg

rainbow-spoon_artiseverywhere_blog1. photo by C. Ashley Spencer

rainbow-spoon_artiseverywhere_blog2. photo by c. ashley spencer

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