V is for Visitors

Welcome to the war…It’s us Vs them,” is the tagline in the show V on ABC. I’ve been watching this show since it first aired late last year and I can’t help but think it has parallel meaning. V stands for Visitors — alien visitors that come to earth “in peace” and they happen to look just like normal but beautiful people. The aliens have a convincing PR plan. The people on earth are suspicious and fearful at first but the Visitors act so calm, forthcoming and gracious that they soon earn the people’s trust. They even feign to help humans by sharing some of their technology with them, like establishing “healing centers” throughout cities. It is where they are secretly injecting humans with an alien drug that unbeknownst to humans, tracks and tags them for the aliens to follow. The Visitors promise false hope, happiness and cure alls and the people are easily beguiled. The symbolism of this is unmistakable but I’m enjoying it.

Anna, the alien commander’s mantra is “peace, always” — all the while she plans to obliterate the human race. They are actually lizard-like aliens who have disguised themselves to look like people by sheathing themselves with the human skin and form, like shells, but are hiding underneath, totally concealed and believable — on the outside. However, it is all a facade. Their goal is to overtake the people by tricking them. There is even a human mother with a wayward seventeen year old son who is lured into the V’s by Anna’s “teenage” daughter. His mother happens to work for the FBI and has discovered that not only her partner was posing as a human but so are many others. Only she and a few others know this secret, including a traitor Visitor who’s out to destroy the plot and work with the humans to do it. The few who know the truth cannot trust other humans for fear that they may be aliens, since they’ve been living among the humans to infiltrate their culture without them even knowing. Traitor aliens cannot trust humans for fear that they may really be aliens. It seems like an overwhelming task for the minority that knows the truth about the Visitors but they are slowly building an army to protect the human race.


The parallel story if you haven’t guessed is the foolery of Obamamania, particularly with new legislation, government take-overs and the people trying to protect the country and regain their freedom. Like the V story, I’m rooting for the good guys and hoping they will be Victorious.

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