A Little Floor Fun

Keeping with the floor design concept of the last post, here are some other ideas to really mix up your decor while thinking of the floor as a decorative element.

This is a great, out of the box idea playing up on concentric circles from DeWorld.

Living-Room-Decorating-Ideas-for-Wall-and-Floor, on Art Is Everywhere

I just saw this one over the weekend at the Washington DC Design Center in their Design House, which is closing this week. This floor is by Kelley Proxmire. It’s based on a David Hicks design. It’s painted, eco-friendly bamboo flooring, which has some cushion to it. I absolutely love it.

Proxmire on Art Is Everywhere

Kelley Proxmire's floor design at DC Design Center - Design House 2010

Click here to read more on casartblog regarding a post about the Interior Designers participating in this year’s Design House.

Finally, ever want to Liquify your floors? You can with Liquifloors, an amazing concept from Cafe Interiors. Colored liquids are sealed within transparent tiles, so when you walk on them, visible impressions occur and the liquid moves. This reminds me of some art toys that I had in the 70’s, where you moved a blunt tool across a vinyl surface board filled with black liquid, where colors would appear underneath. Very cool…

Liquifloor1_Art is Everywhere

Liquifloor2_Art Is Everywhere

…Even more cool, this technology can be used for walls and ceilings called MagiFlex.

MagiFlex1_Art is Everywhere

MagiFlex2_Art is Everywhere

MagiFlex3_Art is Everywhere

Bound for the Floor by Local H, seems an appropriate way to Kick Start the weekend.

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