Murals with Pictorial History

The CVG murals preserve a rich visual of Cincinnati’s industrial history. Not often do murals have such accurate historical relevance to photos that were taken during the time period of which the mural represents. The 14 murals in the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) have already been moved once and since 9 are located in airport terminals that are due to be demolished they are in jeopardy — until the “Save the Terminal Committee” was born. Fortunately they have raised enough money to keep them intact and salvaged. This means that they will still have to be moved again to another location. Mayor Mark Mallory is helping to search for a new home. Each 20 x 20 mural is a mosaic piece of art by artist Winold Reiss weighing over 8 tons. 5 – 7 million is the estimated cost to move all the murals so the mayor has launched a campaign to help fund the effort:

As the reporter Cliff Radel shows in his series of articles, there are corresponding photos that exist that directly relate to each mural. “They depict Cincinnati’s history in such an artful way, and it would be ashame to either have them destroyed or scattered across the city,” said Jake Warren.

CVG murals on Art is Everywhere

Click link for a video description of the murals

Cincinnati’s online paper has done a great job of creating awareness and interactivity to obtain information about the murals and ownership among the community. They have posted these pictures and shown the side by side comparison with historical photos and have requested the public for further information by asking, “Do you know who this is?” They’ve even developed an app to help solve the mystery of finding more details about these murals. Here’s an example of where technology and art combine

CVG murals on Art is Everywhere

CVG murals on Art is Everywhere

Interactive questions to obtain info and create public awareness

CVG murals on Art is Everywhere

Interactive photo comparison on

Here’s a video link to learn more.

Here’s a link to more interesting black and white / mural comparision photos.

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