Getting Back into the Groove

All things considered, I’m happy to be able to write this post, for September 11th,  after an intense few weeks, before a much-needed vacation and a very tough first week back from the beach.

I’m getting back in the work groove, slowly.

But I just cannot think of this day without reflection on family & friends, as they hold so much significance in our lives and how this anniversary affects all those who were lost.

Just now seeing my son’s pictures from his honeymoon, which were lovely, made me think this process of getting back into the groove is like jellyfish moving in the water; even with water (and so many things) swirling around, they eventually get to where they need to be and do so beautifully.

Jellyfish at Aquarium in Monterey, CA_on Art is Everywhere, AIE blog

Jellyfish at Aquarium in Monterey, CA

It certainly is a satisfying feeling to complete nearly 50+ hours of work with very little sleep or nourishment in order to get my new decorative painting website done. This was a scramble to complete before my current and old one just disappears. I’ll no longer be using my current hosting and moving to a WordPress site, which will be
like writing blog posts.

I’ve essentially written 162 blog posts and reviewed 260 in the last 72 hours with about 600 images to still address!! That’s somewhat insurmountable feat.

I’m glad it’s done — until fully complete with domain name transfer I’m trying to schedule this week.

In the meantime, enjoy these few pics from Monterey, California and a place I hope to someday visit.

This picture is a slow build-up of work that eventually become a collective, artistic phenomena.

man-made cairns on Art is Everywhere, AIE blog

Man-made cairns on Monterey beach in CA – a stone mine-field worth walking through

Monterey beach with seals in a cluster on Art is Everywhere, AIE blog

Monterey beach with seals in a cluster

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