Sightings in Stockholm

Although I didn’t see this Solar Egg Sauna or Yash’s mural in Stockholm, Sweden, these other travel sightings were well worth the visit.

Sweden Solar Egg Sauna 2 _AIE Sweden Solar Egg Sauna 3 _AIE

Stockholm was the first stop on our Scandinavian cruise this summer. We missed the first day but had a wonderful view of their Tivoli directly across the bay from our balcony on the ship.

Stockholm 1_AIE

We got a closer view on the tour bus when we visited the historic old town.

Stockholm Tivoli_AIE

We were able to experience a day in the life of a Viking at the Viking Life Museum and witness the reason their ship building skills were so superior. Notice how the boards were layered over one another like roof tiles. The hulls were sealed on the outside making them impervious to water and leaking.

Viking Ship build_AIE

This was an unusually calm cobblestone street scene when others had so much hustle and bustle.

Stockholm street scene_AIE

Street shop signs have a lot of individual character in Stockholm.

Stockholm Sign1_AIE

Stockholm Street Sign 3_AIE

We were able to dodge potential falling, renovation-debris with their use of protective covers over construction areas in the courtyard where we walked.

Walking through tunnels also helped to bypass some hazards.

Stockholm tunnel_AIE

Coming across early Viking runes was an interesting discovery and some of the last remaining Viking finds in this city. Runes were rudimentary carved messages left to show the significance of an individual.

Viking street rune_AIE

We soaked everything in back on our Viking Ship, where we enjoyed some contemporary artwork with sequined fish in the World Café and a colorful rock collage below the main hall stairs.

Viking Ship Sequined Fish Art_AIE

Viking Ship Sequined Fish Art

Organic Rock Collage aboard Viking ship on AIE

Organic Rock Collage aboard ship





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