Being Introspective

The New Year usually brings about a lot of introspection for people, so I thought I’d post three interesting and introspective business articles that can easily pertain to the arts, keeping on track and gearing up for 2010.

1) If you’re thinking of starting your own business or even already have your own company I thought this gave some basic, helpful tips and offered positive reassurance for those already into entrepreneurship,  How to be your own boss, by Laura Cohn, Washington Post:

I particularly like the accompanying illustration of the butterfly emerging from its cocoon. This of course reminded me of casart coverings and the concept of our transforming butterfly.

Illustration by Tim Grajek For The Washington Post

2) Finding the right balance between work and being creative can be difficult as Insider Music Business discusses in Resolving Art versus Business

3) Finally, if you’ve hit a stumbling block or want to try something new, this will get you started, 55 Ways How to Find Your Hidden Talent from the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

All this introspection and creative thinking got me rethinking about how I can add an interactive feature to casart coverings so customers can envision our designs in their own personal room settings and voila, I think we found something new to try. This certainly has inspired my own creative business thinking. Hope it does yours.


Getting down to Business for the New Year. Here are valuable links that discuss business as it relates to the Arts. Firstly, Business is a Creative Process because it is not always a rational process, it is closely related to similar tactics artists use in their creative art process: the step-by-step approach with out-of-the-box problem solving. The value of character and integrity are as equally important as possibly having an MBA. Business schools are focusing more on personal development and managerial skills than just business related skills.

Secondly, using Design Thinking brings good marketing as described on the Matter/AnitMatter blog, “Design thinking is a process for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result.” Again, creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Thirdly, since the business of art cannot thrive without being creative, here’s a post with many useful links on being Creative Everyday.

Fourthly, here are my posts referring back to business and the creative process.

Fifthly and finally, here’s an inspirational example of Michelangelo, where Creativity + Productivity = Success.  Lateral Action blog describes how one doesn’t need to be a genius to achieve creative success and suggests 8 steps for achieving success.

Personally, I also think the idea of “co-creation” applies to these business philosophies as well. Take the idea of the iPod, any time a product can be customized it involves the willful investment and participation of the consumer and then that product has personal value to that purchaser beyond a generic attribute. Every purchased iPod becomes a personalized product and is unique unto its purchaser’s “co-creative” design. In fact, the consumer has helped market this product because they can co-create it. Pretty clever, but this is where design and business meld and I think it is the wave of the future. My new business takes on this concept that folks can participate and become involved in the customization of what they are purchasing.