Realistic Tiger and Therapy

Well I’ve been trying to make up for lost time, not by choice. I worked straight from 7am to 12:30am yesterday, going to Fedex/Kinkos three times to get our banner printed, packaged and sent all our casart samples via ground to save cost and picked up the banner, prepared and hand delivered a proposal to a client by 8pm and then prepared a purchase order to be emailed to our printer before just collapsing. And the rest of this week is just as busy.

Here a couple of appropriate mentions:

1) A realistic big cat — oil painting of a tiger by Chinese contemporary artist, Du Hao (as posted on the Stupendous Art World with Oil Paintings blog). This is pretty amazing realism.

oil tiger painting by Du Hao from Stupendous Art World with Oil Painting blog

2) Links to the creative process of art connecting with others:

Healing Powers of Art in relation to American children creating cards for Iraqi children and vice versa. My husband and I attended the Aschiana Foundation Gala recently at the Indian Embassy. We bought a painting that one of the Afghan street children had painted. It is quite good and all the proceeds help to fund special vocational schools for these kids to keep them off the street.

Therapist Gets Creative, describes how art therapy is helpful for children and the creative process is therapeutic for everyone to take time and reflect without thinking too much on the emotional ailment.

How Woodworkers Lend Skills to Injured Soldiers, by Michael Laris, demonstrates that creating carved American Eagles in canes can personalize a functional piece of art.

Peter Ward and Carved Eagle. Photo by James A. Parcell, Washington Post

I have an architectural rendering to complete today. It will be good therapy for sure to finally have some drawing time. However, my son Jackson is sick with the same flu I had. It knocked me out for 2 – 3 weeks. (I’m one of those folks who has to medically take to flu shot and it must not have worked this year)…so back to being the caregiver. I hope he gets over it quicker since this is his final week of spring break.

Many thanks to dear friends who commented on Monday’s post. I really appreciate it.