Patriotism Beyond One Day

Happy belated July 4th!

There are ways to display your patriotism beyond one day.

Look at this flag mural. It certainly raises the lowly barn to a new level.

Flag barn mural on Art Is EverywhereArtist Jake Songer in Huntsville, Utah describes his process in this article and on the video.

Similar to Scott LoBaido, who paints flag murals across the country to pay homage to Veterans and all their sacrifice, Songer expresses his patriotic ability with painted flags and in this example the Statue of Liberty, but his main intent is using barns as his canvas for bringing art to his community. There’s a lot of country in Utah and the many barns that dot the landscape are big enough to be seen but this means the murals have to be extra large-scale to stand out.

I like this picture of Scott LoBaido painting a recent flag mural just with roller, not an easy thing to do, because you can see his paint process and how the illusion of flowing stars and stripe are created with his shadows and highlights.

Scott LoBaido paints flag mural on Art Is EverywhereHe’s on a mission to paint flag murals in all 50 states. This is his 17th but he’s more than half way now. Before you know it, a flag mural may soon be in your own town. If not, you can at least fly your own American flag all year round or try your hand at barn painting one.

Another Flag Mural for Freedom

Scott LoBaido, the flag mural artist, is up to it again — in a good way.

This time, his art covers a building that had been marred with graffiti.

Great timing for Memorial Day. Here’s to all our vets and those who enlist to protect our country!

graffiti-wall now with flag mural on Art is Everywhere

Wall with graffiti and after with flag mural

Scott LoBaido with flag mural on Art is Everywhere

Scott LoBaido in front of his flag mural

Scott LoBaido flag mural on Art is Everywhere

I like the way this one realistically unfurls and maintains the shimmer of satin.

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