The Hand

The hand is versatile instrument not only for gesture, waiving goodbye for instance but also for artistic element.

AT&T Tulip Hands Ad

AT&T Moose Hand Ad

I was surprised to find these in my Bon Apetit magazine, which I acquired after Domino went defunct. Great magazine, by the way. We’ve already made Thai Seafood Chowder and it was excellent.

I’m wondering if these hands were painted by Guido Daniele. I first found his incredible painted hand artwork on Lost at E Minor.

Guido Daniele. Hand painted Eagle.

We had to say goodbye to our marketing folks, which has been a long time coming but a necessary and stressful business decision. Time to wave goodbye, wish everyone well and move forward.

Good news, however, my sister is handling our marketing and has quite a talent for it. Already we’ve been mentioned in My Favorite Things blog and have had write ups in the Times Picayune and their Wish Supplement. We’ve also just been named one of the winners of the Leading Moms in Business Competition through StartUp Nation (see info in the sidebar). Can’t help but be positive about this! (Here’s our media page for more information.)

Here’s a video that seems appropriate to kick start the weekend: Burden in My Hand by Soundgarden.

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