HDR Photography

I didn’t know much about High Dynamic Range type of photography and was glad to learn through the picture links below. The surrealistic, hyper saturation of color may not be for everyone but I’m pretty fascinated how a photo can look more like an illustration with this method.

HDR photo of Golden Gate Bridge via Optical Illusion blog

What first alerted me to HDR was this article about Joe DeGregorio’s photos. I really did think this was an illustration. Since I’m into trompe l’oeil art, I get a kick out of when I get tromped…..

Mission Inn. HDR photo by Joe DiGregoria via article by Daniel Foster

Finally, there’s more to see on Abduzeedo, and there are a lot of tutorials out there but these two had some good fundamental info: Ultimate guide to HDR photography and a bit more technical tutorial in Photoshop.

I was looking for some music with reference to High Definition to Kick-Start the weekend but found this instead, High Speed, one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. This demo video was directed by Jesse Scott when he was in Portland. I could have sworn it was Knoxville with the pedestrian skywalk and the fountain could have been one at World’s Fair Park. Since my son is interested in film, he may like this and he is even looking at a school in Portland. Well done!