Art in Fashionable Flowers

Unfortunately, this scheduled post never published when it was supposed to on March 19th. Good thing because it seems appropriate with Easter to post it now. I’ve changed some wording to put it in current context.

Spring is here! Already I hear birds chirping and see flowers popping up everywhere, in fashion that is.

Look at these gorgeous floral dresses and you can see a celebration of spring as well as beautiful artistic, flowery design.

Floral Dress_AIE blog

I love how this dress flows. It  reminds me of a Chagall

With the wild winter weather we’ve had, I wouldn’t be surprised if there might even be one more snowstorm [back in March]. However, this picture below shows the dichotomy in the window dressing, announcing spring with snow falling.

Window Dressing Dichotomy via Washinton Post on AIE blogI bet you’ll see more fashionable flowers in these flowery dresses more than ever in the market for this spring season.

Floral Dresses_AIE blog

I like the 2 tropical ones on the far right

And why not? Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the flower’s power of simple yet pretty petals, especially when they can form such kaleidoscope of color, as seen from above in this Dutch landscape of Keukenhof Gardens.

We actually visited these gardens in Holland. It just happened to be right before most of the flowers were blooming.Tulips_AIE blogBright, vibrant colors are not only prevalent in flowers but also in DC’s newest Marion Barry Mural. I think it’s a pretty good likeness and I like how it is portable, being painted on removable tiles that can be transported and installed in different locations.Marion Barry Mural on AIEGetting back to celebrating spring with flowers, there is a new website that shows what are the latest blooming varieties in the DC area and where to find them.

It already highlights one of my favorite plant places, the National Arboretum.

It’s interesting for me to go back and read these previously written, related posts after so much time:

First Day of Spring

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And this time, I know now how to post a video (and even center it).

Happy Spring & Happy Easter!

First Day of Spring

We’re welcoming the official first day of spring today! After a long, cold winter, I’m ready. And with that I thought I’d introduce a new contributing writer, Lorre Lei Jackson, who I can proudly say is my mother. Her bio is in the sidebar. She’s writing here from New Orleans, where the look of spring is a few weeks ahead of us in Alexandria, VA:

I woke up this morning, went out to get the paper and thought, “What would I want to see if this was my last day on earth or my last sighted day?” Here is my answer to myself.

Art…What is it? How do you describe something that is so subjective? Something that can be found in the simplest pleasures that we so often take for granted.

Here in the south we may not have four seasons, but while our northern neighbors are still wrapped in winter weather, we’re enjoying a spring with an artist’s pallet of glorious colors: apple green of willow and sweet gum leaves, orchids and fuchsias of red buds and Japanese magnolias, a goldenrod field of bright yellow, peach and red of swamp maples all accented with the hot pink, red, purple and white of azaleas under a cloudless, azure blue sky. It is truly a sight to invigorate and uplift. You can’t help but feel good gazing upon nature’s canvas! You just want to stop and quietly inhale it before it disappears into summer.

With this entry I’m also posting an original poem by our family friend, Ellen Walker, who resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas:

MARCH, 2008

Under loamy blankets
earth warms her fertile womb,
anticipating birth
of spring’s ambitious bloom.
Sprouting bulbs send lifelines
of roots into the clay,
veined arms stretch upward
seeking light of day.
Soon tender, slender stems
appear without a sound,
toppled anthills mark
their rising from the ground.
Watching now with empathy
this laboring of earth,
my heart recalls the joy-masked
pain of giving birth.

Ellen H. Walker
Hot Springs

I would have liked to post the Keukenhof Holland video that Ellen sent me because it is spectacular with the flowers in full bloom, but since I’m not sure how to do it, I’m posting what is more accurate at this time in March and what I saw two years ago — no vivid colors or flowers blooming — except for a wonderful indoor, birdhouse display and crocuses in abandon in the Hague.

Birdhouses in Holland on Art Is EverywhereCrocuses in the Hague