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Here’s an interesting post — created by being out of work — the blog The ART of out of work. I think the design is very creative. What’s that idiom, “Necessity is the mother of invention?” In this case, I would say that the situation presented a creative opportunity for this blogger and I hope it brings them success! I appreciate the postings as very inspirational for creative hutzpah.

Here’s an update to my last post regarding the Eric Clapton and other musician portraits at Robert Hall in London:

And speaking of, you never know when you’re going to meet someone in the entertainment world. Over the weekend, my husband and I had dinner at our good friends’ home (seems they’re usually entertaining us) and their other guest was John Arnold, a film director. He has quite an accomplished career and is very self-effacing, not the image one conjures of a sterotypical egocentric director. We learned all about the subtleties of certain directors’ filming styles and the creative process of film production — from the screenwriter’s role, to the producer, actors and film director, who must manage all the different personalities on the set. He compared his role to that of an “architect” and the producer’s to that of a “developer” and even though, the screenwriter may have created the script, it changes over the coarse of the film production with lines to suit various artists, etc. Because it often alters from the original artistic vision, this can cause tension with the screenwriter and those making the movie.  He seemed to have a great marketing sense as well, always thinking about the end product as being a box office hit — what will resonate with the public. He originally came to DC offering political consultation and helping to get the message out — so we all had a lot to talk about in politics. He has many projects up his sleeves and it will be interesting when they come to fruition and we can say, “Oh yeah we knew about that and way cool.”

John Arnold via

Besides, I’ll look forward to running into him again and think we might see him at our local Whole Foods, as we discovered he’s probably the other person who we’re competing with in buying out all their supply of Lillet, our summer sipping aperatif (fun website too, BTW). Funny connection and small world.

Lillet Image

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