Mardi Gras Mask Mambo

Happy Fat Tuesday — a day early of my normal post!! Today is Mardi Gras Day so I just have to acknowledge an celebrate accordingly with this video about the Mask Market in New Orleans. Enjoy the music too.

Although I’m not so much into the glitter, I have some Venetian masks so I can appreciate the appeal of unique, hand-made masks and masking for Mardi Gras as a tradition.

However, this next tradition is one of which I was completely unaware. I guess my parents must have sheltered me while growing up in New Orleans. Actually, I do remember parade-goers shimmying up poles to catch beads but maybe this was before “greasing the poles” was started. Who knew a whole artistic performance could be created — only in New Orleans!

Greasing the poles in New Orleans via Go Nola, as seen on Art Is EverywhereAnd this is Rita Benson-LeBlanc, owner of the New Orleans Saints, doing her rendition.

If you are interested in a new New Orleans inspired French Damask design, slip on over to Slipcovers for your Walls to preview the unveiling.

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