Battle of Manassas in Miniature

I think Civil War reenactments are pretty interesting. When I saw the story about the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the First Battle of Manassass being reenacted all this week, I was most taken with the picture, which I thought at first was a pretty realistic mural but in fact, it was a diorama.

Miniature-World_Battle of Manassas as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Battle of Manassas by Miniature World

The figures all look repeated in various angles but it you look closely, they do seem to be different. This visual reenactment is brought to you by Miniature World.

Miniature_Detail via Miniature World seen on Art Is Everywhere


If you go on to read the story in The Washington Post, you’ll learn about the art of dying well — how to know when to die during the reenactment. At times when a single shot has been fired, because there is little coordination, an entire regiment will fall. Oops…I think the coordination has gotten better with practice over the years.

Run Me Down by the Black Eye Keys is a good one to Kick Start the Weekend. I which I could have found a better video but the music is good. I like their “bluesy” sound.

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