Art in Fashionable Flowers

Unfortunately, this scheduled post never published when it was supposed to on March 19th. Good thing because it seems appropriate with Easter to post it now. I’ve changed some wording to put it in current context.

Spring is here! Already I hear birds chirping and see flowers popping up everywhere, in fashion that is.

Look at these gorgeous floral dresses and you can see a celebration of spring as well as beautiful artistic, flowery design.

Floral Dress_AIE blog

I love how this dress flows. It  reminds me of a Chagall

With the wild winter weather we’ve had, I wouldn’t be surprised if there might even be one more snowstorm [back in March]. However, this picture below shows the dichotomy in the window dressing, announcing spring with snow falling.

Window Dressing Dichotomy via Washinton Post on AIE blogI bet you’ll see more fashionable flowers in these flowery dresses more than ever in the market for this spring season.

Floral Dresses_AIE blog

I like the 2 tropical ones on the far right

And why not? Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the flower’s power of simple yet pretty petals, especially when they can form such kaleidoscope of color, as seen from above in this Dutch landscape of Keukenhof Gardens.

We actually visited these gardens in Holland. It just happened to be right before most of the flowers were blooming.Tulips_AIE blogBright, vibrant colors are not only prevalent in flowers but also in DC’s newest Marion Barry Mural. I think it’s a pretty good likeness and I like how it is portable, being painted on removable tiles that can be transported and installed in different locations.Marion Barry Mural on AIEGetting back to celebrating spring with flowers, there is a new website that shows what are the latest blooming varieties in the DC area and where to find them.

It already highlights one of my favorite plant places, the National Arboretum.

It’s interesting for me to go back and read these previously written, related posts after so much time:

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And this time, I know now how to post a video (and even center it).

Happy Spring & Happy Easter!


Well, I missed the fish floundering at the Koi sell-off at the National Arboretum. I would have been there had I owned a backyard pond, like I always wanted. I love these koi and absolutely had no idea that collecting and selling them due to overcrowding was an annual event. They even caught "Big Mama" one of the oldest and largest, three feet long. That must have been that shark-like fish, as the wave rolled by, that scared you from getting too close to the edge. Here's my previous post on the koi and Reflection on the Arboretum, one of my favorite places I think these koi can be quite colorful (from a picture I took a while ago:

The colorful ripples in the water remind me of a site I came across within one of my Interior Design Linkedin groups called Angela Cameron/Fine Art for interior spaces.


I'm partial to green and blue myself so liked this one in the Artistic series:

water-abstract-191-copyright by angela-cameron

And this one reminded me of a photo I took while visiting Block Island, RI during one of our summer, family vacations:

NOTE: Fortunately, I had written this post before my latest blog problems first mentioned in my last post. I wanted to upload a family photo here but I cannot. I'm still having problems posting photos. At least I can write and edit posts with a better editing program that I uploaded (another 4 hours)  but I'm still working to get my image uploader fixed. UGH!.

And here's Angela Cameron's Zen take on lily pads: