Mansion at O

I am finding all sorts of weirdly familiar and reminiscent things in my local newspaper this week. How strange it is to have these offshoot connections.

There was an article about The Mansion on O in The Post, O, So Weird and Wonderful, but Zofia Smardz in the travel section. I could travel 20 minutes across town to be there. The odd thing for me is I have been wanting to go here for quite some time — ever since a client of mine was planning her wedding reception at this location back in the 90’s. I had never heard about this strange high-priced ($350 a night) hotel, off Dupont Circle that I had probably passed a million times, when I used to live right up the street, and yet, I was doing the calligraphy for the wedding invitations for this event. The project was unique in that I was not calligraphying the envelopes and addresses that I’m typically asked to do. I remember the project was not all that easy because the paper had been hand torn and was metallic, so a master template couldn’t be made and then printed on top. Each invitation was slightly a different size and had to be hand-done and be the same on each one. I can’t remember how many there were but it took a while and required a little artistic magic. Needless to say, this was all in keeping with the offbeat, unusual and even mysterious nature of the O Mansion, as I learned so many years later in this article. As the writer describes her stay as being an ever-ending journey and that their website doesn’t reveal many secrets, but I found it appears to tell you a lot. There are theme rooms,  treasure hunts for kids, Sunday afternoon tea and events open to the public that I might have to take advantage of. It seems like such an adventurous,  Alice-in-Wonderland experience with secret doors leading to other doors, that I’m going to have to finally visit.

O Mansion_Photo Bill O'Leary_Washington Post, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

O Mansion. Photo by Bill O'Leary via The Washington Post

O Mansion_Nautical themed room as seen on Art Is Everywhere

O Mansion Nautical themed room

O Mansion dining as seen on Art Is Everywhere

O Mansion dining

I might have to cap it off with a visit to the Mad Hatter just to complete the experience.

Mad Hatter_DC as seen on Art Is Everywhere

For Kick Starting the weekend, as we do with music on Friday, here’s Shantal’s Whatever from the Hotel Costes series. Not much going on in the video but seems appropriate as  Secret Lounge music: