The Military Artist

Although Veterans’ Day has past, I did not get a chance to discuss or show my support in a blog post so I want to mention a few items of note in this one. We have so much to thank our Veterans for. I’m thinking of this as I travel to New Orleans for a family reunion. I think of my many blessings of family as Thanksgiving comes around and the incredible sacrifices military families have given with service and loss to their country — all for our gain and to preserve the American way of life and freedom.

I was glad to see the army has kept its long tradition of official artists to document ongoing wars and military history. Sgt. Martin J. Cervantez was profiled in the Washington Post recently for his painting and military service as one of the army’s official artists. Here is some of his work

Sgt Cervantez-combat artist via Washington Post, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Sgt Cervantez-combat artist via Washington Post

Cervantes-fiield sketches via Washington Post, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Cervantes-field sketches via Washington Post

Heading out-water color_Cervantez via Washington Post, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Heading out-water color_Cervantez via Washington Post

Huge Responsibility_Sgt Martin J. Cervantez via Washinton Post, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

A Huge Responsibility_oil by Sgt Martin J. Cervantez via Washinton Post

This last painting is interesting to me because the light on the military personnel’s shirt in the foreground is painted in such a way to suggest that the commander has a priestly robe – the duplicity of wearing both military garb and performing the role of making life and death decisions. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but it’s what I first thought of when I saw it.

Here is the link to all the galleries of the Army’s official military artists at the U.S. Center for Military History. Viewing the other artist’s works is well worth the click.

Here’s a previous post I wrote on Combat Art for Veteran’s Day last year and another post on The Art of Camouflage.

Another mention regarding Eric Grohe’s military mural, Liberty Remembers, the artist is described in this article as still being moved even though his public art is now 10 years old.

eric-grohe-mural via Bucyrus Telegraph Forum, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Liberty Remembers, mural by Eric Grohe via Bucyrus Telegraph Forum

Ocean City, Maryland has a new Veteran’s Day Mural by Carla Migliaccio.

Ocean-City_veterans mural via Shore News Today, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Ocean City Veterans Mural by Carla Migliaccio via Shore News Today

Since I haven’t added music here in a while, here’s a little Talking Heads, Life During Wartime, to Kick Start the Weekend. I always feel like I should be doing an aerobic exercise when listening to this music. As it turns out, I probably was when dancing to it in college but now,  just watching the video wears me out!


Watering Hole

I spent Mother's Day writing blog posts, which was relaxing for me. In the process I was able to capture so much activity in my garden. My fountain must be the neighborhood water cooler or watering hole for these backyard birds and an abundance of wildlife. It's not uncommon that there are three or four birds taking dips, drinking and just hanging out. One robin just squats and sits for long periods of time like he's at the pool or more realistically in an outdoor bidet just biding his time observing his surroundings. It's rather funny to see.



Notice the squirrel? The grackle below brought worms to dip into the water before devouring his tasty treat. That was interesting behavior and not unsurprisingly smart for a crow-like bird. I don't like grackles but the iridescent blue sheen cast by their feathers is really pretty in the sunlight.


My favorite of all the backyard photographic subjects is the Carolina Wren. We have several "couples" who pay a visit daily and sing the most melodious songs for such a small bird. Their flitting movements are so fast and sporadic that they were impossible to photograph for this post….Another time. I do like their shape and have tried to capture all of these in a bird inspired design that I'm currently working on (along separately with a mini-mural painting for a client that I'll show once complete).

It seems like a little, Wild Wild Life by the Talking Heads is in order to Kick-start the weekend:

I ran across this video and had to post for it's clever, cyclical content plus the song — pretty interesting, especially if you like Cimbo Matto, Sugar Water: