Merry Monarch Christmas


Here’s our charitable organization to which we contribute each year, The Blue Monarch in Tennessee. They do incredible work of breaking the cycle of family or drug abuse in providing rehabilitation and  giving the children of affected mothers a chance at a new beginning.

As you can see from this postcard — Art Is Everywhere and the children are flourishing.

Blue Monarch 1 on Art Is Everywhere

Blue Monarch children create a mural

Blue Monarch 2 on Art Is Everywhere

Plus, they put the mothers to work making the most scrumptious granola, which becomes our Christmas presents to family each year.

They exemplify the true spirit of Christmas all year round.

Blue Monarch 3 on Art Is EverywhereWe also like that they connect us to our Sewanee roots.

Sewanee Scenes

Sewanee, TN is picturesque and in many ways Arcadia. Being the birthplace to The University of the South, where my husband and I attended college and the location for St. Andrews-Sewanee School, where our son attends. We have more excuses to return to our alma mater now. With good friends and family and recollections of our history there, we always feel like we’re going home. We soak up the serenity and are always sad to leave but feel the call back to the activity of the city. Just when we’re feeling the pressures of work and city congestion stifling us, we’ll be back in Sewanee. This symbiotic relationship serves as a pretty good balance that will last at least for the next two years or maybe more — with college apps looming on the horizon.

It is interesting to me to see how someplace so individually personal can be seen by others in a fresh new light. Art helps enhance our perspective. Our son Jackson took these pictures of his new school home and environs. I’m a bit biased but I think he has the photographic eye for the details that make images resonate with the viewer, who may or may not know anything about Sewanee’s captivating natural setting, history or sense of place or time. I see these photos as timeless all the while capturing a moment in time. That complex duality embodies their artistic character and good composition and photographic detail further supplement their substance.

Sewanee Lookout and Valley Below. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Rocks. Photo by Jackson SpencerSewanee Rocks 2. Photo by Jackson SpencerSewanee Rocks 3. Photo by Jackson SpencerSewanee Trees. Photo by Jackson SpencerSewanee Trees 2. Photo by Jackson SpencerSewanee Trees 3 from above. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Grass. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Pine. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Horizontal Tree. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Disappearing Tree. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Overlook. Photo by Jackson Spencer

Sewanee Night Sky. Photo by Jackson Spencer