New Orleans History

Little did I know that when I was having an afternoon cocktail with my mother on our family friends’ porch, that I’d discover a venue for historical artwork. Mrs. Parker was showing me some of her own collected artwork and mentioned that she volunteers at The Historic New Orleans Collection in the French Quarter. She showed me some overleaf post cards of some recent exhibitions below:

Hist New Orleans Collection Exhibits: Leap into History/”View Carre’” by J. Woodley Gosling & “Jazz on the Mississippi to 1945″

And a graphic from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in their current exhibit “Surrounded by Water,” which depicts how the Mississippi River has changed.

Lower Mississippi RIver Early Stream Channels

The contemporary duck carvers exhibit “Meet the Carvers!” displays the exceptional talent of decoy artists to render something so realistic in an unforgiving medium. One slip of the wrist leading to one wrong dig and you’re done!

Pair of Wood Ducks Carved in Driftwood by Landry and Jamie Demptster

These duck decoys remind me of the wonderful gallery my mother and I happened to stumble upon in Camden, Maine. These artists’ works are truly admirable.

Carved Eagle in Camden by Stephane’ Bougie

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  1. I was at that gallery too last summer in August when we traveled in Maine . This carved eagle and ducks are realy amazing, they look so real , they are masterpieces !
    Nice to find and recognice this story now ,even the pics from the french quarter in New Orleans , I visited that place 10 years ago, and it seems like yesterday !
    greetz from Belgium

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