It’s not that unusual to find some of the world’s greatest art in churches but here’s some unusual ways that art is being used. Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter will light the Washington National Cathedral in psychedelic coloration as part of an exhibit May 9 – 11 called Lighting to Unite: Lighting the Nation, Uniting the World. It’s free and public picnics are encouraged. It will be lit each of the three nights from sunset to midnight.

Washington National Cathedral/Lighting to Unite Exhibit

Lighting as art creates visual and memorable impact as mentioned in previous posts.

Another use of art in churches can be seen in the banners that we might normally take for granted but they, like museum/exhibit banners, have become popular to hang in one’s home as interior decoration. As seen here in the interior nave of the cathedral, Nancy Chinn has created Seasons of the Church banners. A Banner Year Booklet of all her banners along with inspirational and instructional writings regarding each liturgical season can be downloaded from this link.

Nancy Chin’s Banners @ Washington National Cathedral

Finally this article, “No New Thing,” by 2xhelix about God in the role of artist and the artist as creator was very thought provoking.





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