Angelic Music in 3-D Sistine Chapel

Here is a link that you can have active in the background in your browser to listen to angelic music with a 3-D Sistine Chapel tour.

Angelic Music_Sistine Chapel Tour_AIE

There was a piece on the Pope’s Choir on 60 Minutes recently so this is very timely.

Enjoy the contemplative sounds and 3-D interactive tour of the Sistine Chapel Mural for your holidays.

If your winter weather is too cold this holiday to venture outdoors, enjoy these 16 surreal landscapes that could be too beautiful to be real.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Prince George to the Kaos Temple and Beyond

With a new year comes a lot of new stories to follow, so this is a mish-mash of news.

  1. Seeing adorable Prince George attend his first day of school at the Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, England, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely and prominent mural on the facade of the building. I was also impressed that the Duchess of Cambridge or Kate, his mother, took the photos of George. They are just as good if not better than what a professional photographer could capture.
Prince George attends school 1


Prince George attends school 2_

via E Online. Photos by Duchess of Cambridge

Westacre Montessori School Mural

Westacre Montessori School and mural

If you want to see more photos, check out Prince Williams’ Family Album on E Online! You can scroll through the photos at the bottom of the screen.

2. An update on the Jefferson County Courthouse murals: the commission has decided to hire a consultant for $2,830 to determine if the murals can be removed to another location and the cost involved. It remains to be seen what will happen if they cannot or if it is cost prohibitive. One idea is to “drape over” the current murals until more updated ones can be painted. I imagine this would be costly as well.

3. Is winter already too cold for you? We’re just now getting some cold weather but nothing like they are in the Mid North West. Visualizing these intriguing Cherry Blossom murals will help you remember spring will be here before you know it and remind you that art can be created in many clever ways. These take the term “hand painted” to a new level.


Cherry Blossom photos via Fubiz

Hand Painted Cherry Blossom photos via Fubiz 2These murals by muralist Yosuke Tan are painted with hand prints on the windows of an abandoned school in Japan. Upon first site they appear quite beautiful as the light streaming through the window makes the red hand prints brilliantly shine, however, when you realize where and how they are painted, they can also invoke a sense of uneasiness similar to the one I get when I envision those twin and ghost children and the “red room” reference in the Shining movie. Clever and a little creepy at the same time.

Hand Painted Cherry Blossom photos via Fubiz 3 Hand Painted Cherry Blossom photos via Fubiz 44. Finally, learning about the Kaos Temple on Yatzer really blew me away! Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel really transforms the former Santa Barbara church with his characteristic geometric style murals based on the Kaos star reference. kaos star via chaos grimoireYou just have to see the images on Yatzer to really understand how a church can come back to life not only as a skateboard palace but now affectionately known now as the Kaos [skate] temple where skateboarding and other miracles happen. Not surprisingly the origin of the word Chaos comes from Kaos, From Ancient Greek χάος (“vast chasm, void”), but in this case, I think a unique order has been implemented.

Kaos Temple_yatzer_AIE 1

Kaos Temple photos via Yatzer

Kaos Temple_yatzer_AIE 2 Kaos Temple_yatzer_AIE 3 Kaos Temple_yatzer_AIE 4 Kaos Temple_yatzer_AIE 5 Kaos Temple_yatzer_AIE 6Okuda San Miguel really takes his murals to church, so to speak, which brings a little more significance to this Take Me to Church song by Hozier.

You can read more about the artist’s background and design influence in his interview on Colossal.

Church Exterior via Colossal_AIE

Church Exterior via Colossal

Skate church via Colossal_AIE

Skate Church Interior


Unusual Chapel Murals for Christmas

This was the first I had learned of Sandham Memorial Chapel, a private chapel in Burghclere  — Hampshire, England. Stanley Spencer was commissioned to paint a series of murals for memorial chapel that depicted various scenes specific to war and in particular, World War I. Sandham was a private memorial built by a family who dedicated it to the memory of their family member, Lieutenant Henry Willoughby Sandham, who had died in 1919 as a result of an illness he had contracted during the Macedonian campaign. Spencer had served in the war and on the same front as Lieutenant Sandham. Spencer had witnessed combat and much death as a medical orderly, so it seemed fitting that he was chosen with his unique perspective to portray scenes in the daily life of war.

According to That’s How the Light Gets In blog, “These paintings, which took six years to create and were completed in 1932, are considered by many to be Spencer’s finest achievement. Simon Schama has called the Spencer murals ‘the most powerful art to emerge from the carnage of the Great War’.”

The Resurrection of the Soldiers is just one of his finest examples:

“This is Spencer’s vision of the end of war, in which heaven has emerged from hell. Each cross amongst the astonishing and brave tumble across the canvas serves as an object of devotion (some of which are handed to Christ, who has been unconventionally placed in the mid-background); or marks a grave from which a soldier emerges; or serves to frame a bewildered face. The central motif is a pair of fallen mules, still harnessed to their timber wagon. The position of the cross on the altar in the chapel was of great importance to Spencer, for he felt it ‘imperative that the top of the altar should be slightly above the bottom of the big picture’ so that it might be incorporated visually amongst the mass of his own painted crosses.”

(Photo credit: All Stanley Spencer / Sandham murals photos via That’s How the Light Gets In blog)

spencer-sandham-memorial-9-resurrection-of-the-soldiers via That's How the Light Gets In on Art Is Everywhere

Immediately, I recognized that the chapel layout was influenced by one of my favorite places, Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, one of the most magical man-made wonders of the world, with its culminating mural at the far end depicting the rising of the dead.

sandham-memorial-chapel-full-view_via That's How the Light Gets In on Art Is Eerywhere

Scrovegni Chapel. Giotto's murals. Photo credit unknown

Scrovegni Chapel. Giotto’s murals. Photo credit unknown


The murals have since been relocated so restoration work can be done to the memorial chapel.

Somerset House_Stanley Sandheim murals_Art is Everywhere

 His work gives a fresh portrayal, rendered in a style that reminds me of Brueghel and like his work, such mundane activities as sorting the laundry have such life and charm even among a hellish time as war.

spencer-sandham-memorial-6-sorting-the-laundry on Art Is Everywhere

spencer-sandham-memorial-10-reveille on Art Is Everywhere

Reveille – soldiers awaking and getting dressed under mosquito netting

spencer-sandham-memorial-13-tea-in-the-hospital-ward on Art Is Everywhere

Tea in the hospital ward

spencer-sandham-memorial-14-map-reading on Art Is Everywhere

Map Reading

Other unusual chapel murals:

FriendshipBaptist_church via ask DCist on Art Is Everywhere

Friendship Baptist Church in DC gets a colorful mural by Atlanta graffiti artist, Hense

The church before is depicted below. It’s interesting to me that the windows were painted as if they were not considered separately and have become incorporated into the wall space. The church is so colorful on the outside but must be very dark on the inside.

Friendship Baptist before_church2 via Ask DCist on Art Is Everywhere

(Photos via Ask DCist)

Merry Christmas with all its wondrous transformations!!

Murals at Christmastime

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Here are a few murals to reflect upon this Christmas Season from churches in Texas. Church murals are always the most beautiful and spectacular to see. These could be in Europe but they are a wonder right here thin the States in Texas.

1_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

2_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

3_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

4_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

5_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

6_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

7_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

This church could be in France. It reminds me of Abbaye Senanque with it’s bluebell fields instead of lavender.

8_Stations-of-the-cross-murals_via beaumontenterprise_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

Another more contemporary style mural is the “Pencil Madonna” as she is affectionately called, painted behind the altar in Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Farmington, Michigan, in 1961 by Jean Charlot. The arrow highlighted by the roofline is sublimely suggestive, pointing upward and the colors are very unique.

Our-Lady-of-Sorrows-fresco1_via patheos_AIE_Art Is Everywhere

The dingy murals at Saint Dimitrija church in Skopje, Macedonia are getting brighter with self-illumination and without any plausible explanation — could be a mysterious miracle. Thousands have gathered to see them change. You may not understand this video but the pictures tell the story.

Non-church related….If you happen to see The Hobbit movie over the holidays, when and if you are in NYC, check out the massive mural as well.

Hobbit mural_via GalleyCat_AIE_ Art Is Everywhere


Morman Murals

What a great way to start the New Year by our appreciation of Nature. These beautiful Nature murals can be found in the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple (photo below).

oquirrh-mountain-mormon-temple27-thumb on Art Is Everywhere

oquirrh mountain mormon temple. Photo © 2009, Michael Provard.

Some early art missionaries, Lorus Pratt, John B. Fairbanks, John Hafen and Edwin Evans and later Elder Herman H. Haag, set off to learn mural painting from ateliers in Paris and returned in the 1890’s to apply what they learned to paint murals in their Morman Temple in Salt Lake City.

Following this similar missionary goal,  artist Linda Curley Christensen along with other faithful workers have used their God-given talents to paint this Nature mural in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. They really reflect God’s creation of Nature their beautiful surrounding mountains.

(Go to this LDS Church News link to read more about the creative process involved.)

Morman Temple Mural on Art Is Everywhere via LDS News

Morman Temple Mural. Photos via LDS Church News

Morman Temple Mural on Art Is Everywhere via LDS News

Morman Temple Mural on Art Is Everywhere via LDS News

Morman Temple Mural on Art Is Everywhere via LDS News

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