Prison Art

Lorton Prison was recently commended for its successful art program at the Workhouse Arts Center. Here’s the link to the story by Amy Orndorff in the Washington Post.

lorton-prison-art-facility. Photo by Dayna Smith/Washington Post

Funny that this picture reminds me of the pottery studio at my younger son’s school. Pretty swank.

I personally believe that art is therapy and helps one work through their problems. Perhaps that’s why it’s working here. The guy who robbed my next door neighbors some time back went to Lorton Prison. I hope he was in this program.

Or maybe he was at least listening to their musical program. Music helps to heal the soul:

Metropolitan Phiharmonic @ Lorton Prison. Photo by Wayne Guenther

After being glued to my computer for months, I feel like I’m in a prison. I also have some outside projects ongoing, however, but these come at a bad time for getting my new business ready to launch. Fortunately, I have some understanding and patient clients. Balancing it all is the hard part.

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