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I’m excited about the new James Bond Movie, Quantum of Solace. Seeing this post from the DailyMail below made me remember all the previous Bond films and how I’d watch them growing up and watched them with my own family. This picture is eerie, but also artistic in the sense that one can actually see the application and the creative process of how that goo got all over that Golden girl gone oily for the latest movie. I like how they referred back to the original Goldfinger, in set-up, placement of figure and slick covering — but in this case with a more gruesome, updated Oilfinger version. Also,  Mathieu Almaric, the actor who played the leading role in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is starring in this movie.

Quantum of Solace, Oilfinger (Daily Mail Blog)

goldfinger shirley eaton (Daily Mail Blog)

Thinking of the female figure. I’d also have to include this artsy dress. Normally, Versace fashion is too over the top for me but I like its design of many pictorial portraits.

Versace Medusa Dress

Versace Medusa Dress

Finally in keeping up with the latest news regarding the financial crisis, I keep reminding myself that despite it maybe not being a good time to launch a new business, that there may never be a good time. Doing this requires risk, which makes me very nervous. Therein, I was very happy to see that the Post’s list of industries that have done well amid this economic downturn included the Home Furnishing Industry & the Home Building Industry as #3 and #4 for profits. This brings a little extra assurance for my new venture.

Just for fun, here’s one artist’s way of venting about this crises. Laura Gilbert stands outside of the New York Stock Exchange handing out “zero dollars” that she has created. It’s good to have some humor over this, even if it is nervous laughter.

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